February 6, 2023

Ronaldo justifies absence after Pele: “I was far away”

Ronaldo Fenomeno paid tribute to Pele in a live broadcast on his channel, and explained why he didn’t go to the tournament Funeral of the King of Footballwhich was held last week at Villa Belmero in Santos.

What did he say?

After the World Cup came the parties. I took a week off and went to Punta Cana with my kids. It was really nice to disconnect. I was practically without a cell phone, just enjoying the family. During this period our king died. Since I was already far away, I could not travel, because I was already far away with my family. Ronaldo said live on RonaldoTV

How did Ronaldo learn of his death?

Somehow I was getting news from my close friends and even Pele’s staff, who are in constant contact with my team as well. I was so sad [quando soube]But I understand this moment very much … the time of death. He had already been suffering from this disease for several years. No one wants a person to die, but … anyway, he will finally be able to rest in peace. The past few years have been very difficult for him, outside of any professional activity.lamented this phenomenon

What is the context?

Ronaldo was one of the names remembered by fans who criticized the fact that there were no athletes from the cast for the fifth tournament in Brazil at Villa Belmero.

  • Among the 43 players world champions with the national team in 1994 and 2002, only Mauro Silva was in the wake.
  • Ronaldo and Romario sent wreaths of flowers to Pele, but they didn’t make it to the 24-hour event
  • The Santos and Pele family were surprised by the absence of four and five champions
  • This was a recurring theme during the King’s farewell