July 25, 2024

Ronnie and Cora are at the mercy of bandits and may die. TV news

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Ronnie and Cora are at the mercy of bandits and may die.  TV news
Ronnie and Cora are at the mercy of bandits and may die.  TV news

child (Vladimir Brechta) He managed to send money to pay off Rooney’s debts (Philippe Aviv) and Cora (Valentina Bandera) with Conrado (Alex Nader) in The more life the better!. This may not be enough to save the scammers, because the bad guy will be upset by the fact that it was not the player who personally handed over the money. The Militia Man will threaten the couple’s lives in the Seven Hour series on Globo.

number The chapter scheduled to air on Friday (31)Cora will be nervous about the delay in the payment news. Fearing being killed in prison, the villain will declare herself to Ronnie.

“I love you, Ronnie. You were the best thing that has ever appeared in my life,” the crook would puff. However, after this, Konrado will receive a call from a henchman, telling him to hand over the money, which will make Ninem’s brother very comfortable.

The lovebirds won’t be free yet, as Alex Nader’s character will find out who deliveredthey were Flávia (Valentina Herzag) and William (Matthew Solano). They went up the hill until then The child can play an important game.

“It wasn’t your brother who paid. It was agreed,” says Conrado. Then his minions will approach menacingly Ronnie and Korra, who will be terrified.

The more life the better! It was first shown at the venue of the Pega Pega re-run (2017). serial Written by Mauro Wilson It is fully registered due to the protocols adopted by Globo due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. It remains on the air until May 2022.

As a result, the channel will launch Cara e Coragem, the series in which Paola Oliveira and Marcelo Cerrado will play the main roles.

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