Rosalie Vaillancourt, a bitch to the outside angelic

Rosalie Vaillancourt, une démone aux dehors angéliques

With his father, a judge, and a mother, a veterinary pathologist, Rosalie Vaillancourt admits that his parents would have easily been able to do a blood ink at the idea of seeing their daughter choose the jungle of humour rather than the path of studies. However, everything went so fast for it that they have not even had the time to worry. Encounter the comet Rosalie.

For his first solo show, Child king, she will present it officially in November next, the young woman multiplies the benefits. For months — and for those who come, his schedule is awfully full.

“I made really a lot of tv, so I try to make more of a scene because I have less experience than some of my friends who have spent three years to four bars per week… I want my show the best it can be,” she said, her childlike voice.

This particular stamp, it is a bit of a trade-mark. It and his look of a young ingenue, devoid of any inhibition. Rosalie Vaillancourt, it is the innocence in all its glory.

But its outside angelic hides a real bitch, that spares neither the discomfort nor the gags salty. On his page Facebook, a photo perfectly represents the essence of his humour. We see the blonde girl smile doucereusement taking a knife from the butcher…

Yet, the word discomfort makes her wince. “I don’t want to create uneasiness; I want to laughing all together. Unlike some comedians, I’m not trying to offend. I have no malice. I prefer that people say “Oh my God, she is crazy!”. ”

Rosalie Vaillancourt, une démone aux dehors angéliques

For his first solo show, Child of the king, Rosalie Vaillancourt, will present it officially in November next, the young woman multiplies the benefits by the time that run.


The title of the show came without too much effort, it seems. “It’s called Child king because I have the air of a child, and because I have the impression of having been brood. In the beginning, my parents wanted to do the tour with me! People of my generation remain children much longer, I find, ” remarked the one who has yet 26 years old well rattled.

And the little Rosalie, it was how? “I was a child in the moon, really, really weird, I had a collection of skulls… I’ve been spoiled, of course, but not as a child of the rich “, take into to clarify. We learn in the show she is not an only child; his two sisters serve as the material for laughter.

Emulates The Poune

That said the first show, said new numbers. She takes advantage of this tour to break-in to add and remove the hardware happily. “I’m part of zero, and the content was quite moved. It is important for me to go a little bit everywhere. This is a show in a little theatre in which I add new elements to each show, so I really need to roder. “

These are several parts of his life that spend. “For a first show, it is normal to introduce people to first. But it goes in lots of directions. I’m talking about travel, of messages that people send me on the Internet. These are things that I experienced, but with a touch of the absurd. People are wondering if this is true or not, but it is all the time true! “

Beast of scene, Rosalie Vaillancourt ? “Yes, I think so. I really love it. In the show, I have the impression of being in front of my friends, “she says, admitting that his love for the style of “cabaret” and the beautiful time of Dominique Michel and The Poune.

And it is in this spirit of the “conversation with the public,” she writes the majority of its texts. For the rest, she can count on his great friend, Charles-Alex Smith, whom she met in her first day at the national School of humour. “It is my muse. He is like me in guys… but more weird. “

A beautiful complement

Obviously, the comic is at a good crossroads of his life. It gives us the right to dream. “Things I attempt, but more in two or three years. I love so much what I’m doing now that I have a bit of trouble imagining myself doing anything else. What is sure, it is important for me to have a social life. The humor really makes me happy, but I see it as a complement to my life. I want to renovate my apartment, have children… I am inspired in my life, so if I do screw anything up, I’m going to have to talk to my parents my entire career! ”

One thing is for certain, the style Rosalie should be here to stay. “It is me, then I would try, I can’t change me! “

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