March 26, 2023

RS has 153 municipalities without private medical services and relying exclusively on SUS| Rio Grande do Sul

A stethoscope being used by a doctor – Image: Reproduction/RBS-TV

Rio Grande do Sul has 153 municipalities without private medical services. The number represents nearly a third of the total 497 cities. According to the Ministry of Health, the state is the fourth with the most municipalities to rely exclusively on the Unified Health System (SUS), behind only Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Piauí.

In Minas do Liao, in the Carboniferous Zone, There are only two doctors to serve the population of more than 8,000 peopleOne in the Family Health Center and the other in the Basic Health Unit (UBS). The only majors attended by SUS are Pediatrics that it Women disease. For other regions, the municipality arranges unions or sends them to the state center.

Then I will go to Porto Alegre, Sao Jerónimo and Charquillas. If they had them here, it would be much better, but they are not,’ says housewife Efigênia Rosa de Abreu.

According to the Minister of Health of the State of Minas de Liao, Paulo César Wisniewski, when a patient does not have the financial conditions for an examination, the system is referred and the costs are borne by the municipality.

“Minas do Leão is a very small town and we want the SUS to work. We advocate that the SUS, as stated in the Constitution, take care of all residents as it should be. The municipality already offers a good, let’s say, good structure. Not the one we would like to have Because, due to the lack of specialized professionals, but the municipality has been able to provide a priority service, thus, referring people to referrals ”, says Paolo.

This was stated by the municipal government of Minas do Liao 27.5% of your income for health. The constitutional minimum is 15%.

” It is impossible to obtain specialized services in consultations, examinations and hospital care throughout the territory of the 497 municipalities. This is unsustainable, because we would not have human resources and the cost would be unfeasible due to the scale of the demand,” explains the Minister of State for Health, Areta Bergman.

Arita adds that the alternative is Health district. “We are in the process of coordinating the Ministry of Health’s plan to reduce the waiting list to expand the supply of services in hospitals that have proven capacity and can provide greater care.”

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