May 30, 2023
Rubens Barricello pays tribute to Brazilian traveler and dog killed in US crash |  Sa Palo

Rubens Barricello pays tribute to Brazilian traveler and dog killed in US crash | Sa Palo

As the boy’s vehicle was nicknamed, Pericello directed a copy of Dodongo. The pilot met the Brazilian and his Golden Retriever before the crash in Florida. This recording will air on Monday (20).

A photo shows the rear of the vehicle reflecting Kozin Totongo. The vehicle will be used on the lap faster by the former Formula 1 driver who was thrilled.

“Quickly return with a clone of Dodongo. Very emotional day, but Jesse’s dream has come true,” Rubens wrote. “Thank you to everyone involved and family for allowing me to do all this.”

Rubinho released at the time of the accident that he regretted what had happened and praised the connection between the passenger and his dog.

Rubinho – Photo: Breeding

“The energy of the two was a magic one, one day I thought they could not live without another. Friends, fate wanted you to never be separated. It was a great privilege. You,” he said.

Jesse Goss shared on his social networks Trips with Shurasti. The two have traveled to 16 countries since 2017 and carried the Balneário Camboriú identity around the world.

Influencer traveled around the United States with 6-year-old Golden Retriever, an Internet celebrity. They have over 500,000 followers on their Instagram page.

Pigeon meeting at the rise of Jesse Goss

At the time of the accident, the two were on their way to Alaska, aiming to reach their destination in September. The car the two were traveling in collided with another vehicle in Portland, USA. Both died instantly.

Shurasti was cremated in the United States and Goss was buried in Santa Catarina earlier this month.

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