December 9, 2022
Rufina says she will complain about Lucas' situation

Rufina says she will complain about Lucas’ situation

Red from Mars was hit by The position of Lucas Santos this morning infarm 2022″ (RecordTV) The singer, speaking with Alex, said she was humiliated by a pawn, while delegating tasks.

Ruivinha commented, “I’m sick of evil. I still can’t believe he insulted me in front of everyone.”

Alexadvised the singer to seek help, as she and Deborah are responsible for taking care of the cow and calf this week.

“If I were you, I would complain. Only Deborah wants to show that she’s ‘strong,’ but says you don’t get it.” We are two women and we are not going to deal with the matter,” he directed.

“I go there in the workshop to catch his attention,” the singer commented.

“That’s it, it’s his duty,” the influencer reinforced.

what happened?

The reason for Rovina’s tears was to delegate tasks in which she, later to Deborah, said that she had been humiliated.

in this occasion , Lucas used debauchery To start pronunciation as a farmer. Chosen first name The redhead was from Marswho was responsible for the care of the cows.

Lucas and the pedestrians in Deolândia laughed a lot, after the representative of “Carousel” delegated this role to the singer. The farmer ended up saying that everyone could help him, except for Rovina.

Then Ruivinha replied, “Fuck you*, I don’t need your help, no.”

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