Runners here will participate in the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Des coureurs d’ici participeront à l’Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Two runners elites will represent the region at the festival of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), in Europe. The Bromont Alister Gardner and the Césairoise Hélène Michaux will take the plane to the end of August to travel the 56 miles of the OCC, a race that is part of the UTMB.

In 2018, Gardner took part in the CCC, a race of 101 miles raced in the Alps. This time, his heart is thrown on the OCC, course with approximately 3000 meters of elevation gain and begins in Orsières, Switzerland. The 1200 riders in contention will cross the finish line in Chamonix, France, passing through Champex, Switzerland.

The two athletes of the region have not had to bend the draw that determines who, among the thousands of candidates, will be on the starting line. As Alister Gardner Helene Michaux had enough points ITRA (International Trail Running Association) to qualify.

“I even had my place guaranteed for the CCC, but this is not in my goals. In addition, the chum of my mother, who is 69 years old, will be the OCC, explains the Bromont. We will celebrate together. ”

Its objective is to participate in shorter races, even if they remain lengthy. “A 56 km, this is a ultra-distance, but it’s going to be more aggressive. We are going to go fast. “

Hélène Michaux is much more accustomed to run of 80 km, a distance where she feels comfortable. However, a back injury that is still unresolved, was forced to revise its plans. In addition to his points, the fact that it is part of the team Columbia opened the doors of the OCC.

“It is sure that it does not have the same minding of course Alister and me, she says. I have a lot of trouble to put me in the red on a run. Yes, I’m going to push, but I like to keep a reserve to finish the race. It’s not bad my strength on an 80 km. Change my state of mind on a 56 km, it’s going to be a challenge for me. ”

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