January 31, 2023
Rússia suspende envio de motores de foguete para os EUA

Russia has stopped sending rocket engines to the United States

After the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, the United States and the world began to use sanctions against Russia. Although at first it did not bother much. Vladimir Putin, The country responded to the United States in a similar way: it stopped supplying rocket engines to the Americans. This means that cargo will be shipped, although it will not deeply affect US space travel International Space Station (ISS) will be replaced.

The adopted position was publicly announced Dmitry Rokosin, President of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos), “Directly through the so-called local channelRussia-24“This action affects rocket engines NPO Enercomash. The impact will be felt primarily by two companies in the United States: Northrop Krumman, Responsible for sending space agency payloads to the International Space Station, and United Launch Alliance (ULA), Affects the Department of Defense and some launches NASA.

Early reactions

ULA is already aware of the situation and has stated that it has the required engine RD-180 For upcoming releases. These engines have been used in the so-called rocket for almost 20 years Atlas v. Earlier, in past political crises, the US Congress banned the use of such equipment; However, this ban was later lifted. This situation created some limited impacts. After that decision, ULA began building the next rocket.Vulcan“.

RD-180 (Credits: spacenews.com)

Company of Blue look Was contracted to develop the so-called machine BE-4. Reported by Tori BrunoOf the CEO United Launch Alliance, The first pieces are almost ready, and an early release may happen this year. Bruno said more than two dozen Russian machines were in storage, but that he and ULA experts were working on changing contracts with the Department of Defense. Atlas v In the first phase of that contract. Will be made through subsequent releases Vulcan.

And Northrop Krumman?

If the ULA already has some plans in place to avoid problems with Russian engines, The Northrop Krumman, In turn, they will be more vulnerable to these control measures. Used on the RD-180 rocket Andrews. Prior to the international crisis, Russia would supply the company with 12 pieces over the next 2 years (between 2022 and 2024), however, negotiations were suspended. Andres responsible for shipping CygnusIt carries cargo INSS – and we plan on two releases in the next few years. Those responsible have not yet revealed themselves after the Russian position.

The SpaceX, Famous company Elon Musk, Not affected by these international regulations. Oh Hawk 9 And this Team Dragon Continues to send cargo and passengers into space, and all their fiction is fully formed To us. This is undoubtedly good news for NASA, as it has signed a number of deals with SpaceX.

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Source: canaltech.com.br, NASA Space News (YouTube Channel)