February 2, 2023
Russia proposes nationalizing foreign factories that closed their operations

Russia proposes nationalizing foreign factories that closed their operations

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – A senior member of Russia’s ruling party has proposed the nationalization of foreign-owned factories that have halted operations in the country because of what the Kremlin calls a special military operation in Ukraine.

Several foreign companies, including Toyota, Nike and homeware retailer IKEA, have announced the temporary closure of stores and factories in Russia to pressure the Kremlin to end the invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

In a statement published Monday evening on the United Russia website, the secretary of the ruling party’s General Council, Andrei Turchak, said the closure of operations was a “war” against Russian citizens.

The statement said that Finnish private food companies Fazer, Valio and Paulig are the latest to announce a shutdown in Russia.

“United Russia proposes the nationalization of production sites for companies that announce their departure and the closure of production in Russia during the special operation in Ukraine,” Torchak said.

This is an extreme measure, but we will not tolerate being stabbed in the back and will protect our people. This is a real war, not against Russia as a whole, but against our compatriots.

“We will take harsh retaliatory measures, in keeping with the laws of war,” Torchak added.

Poleg’s chief executive told Reuters in an email that this would not change his plans to withdraw from Russia. Fazer and Valeo declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

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