September 26, 2023
Russian cyberattack hits Ukraine's embassy in Brazil, says Chargé d'Affairs |  Ukraine and Russia

Russian cyberattack hits Ukraine’s embassy in Brazil, says Chargé d’Affairs | Ukraine and Russia

Chargé d’Affairs Ukraine In Brazil, Anatoly Tkach said on Sunday (27) that the official channels of the Ukrainian embassy were blocked by “large-scale cyber-attacks” carried out by the Ukrainian embassy. Russia.

He advised those interested in providing humanitarian aid to the country, A target of Russian military action since Thursday (24)Contact must be made through the embassy’s social networks.

Tkach told reporters during an interview at the embassy Ukrainein Brasilia.

“We ask everyone to contact us, who has this ability, through our social networks. Our official websites and emails are not working due to cyber attacks.

According to him, one of these channels is the embassy’s Facebook page.

According to Tkach, “technical experts” are working on resuming services, but there is no expectation of when the official channels will reopen.

President Volodymyr Zelensky UkraineThis Sunday (27) said that He agreed to talk to Russia And that the meeting will be on the border with Belarus near Chernobyl.

The war in Ukraine enters its fourth day with clashes in Kiev and Kharkiv

The war in Ukraine enters its fourth day with clashes in Kiev and Kharkiv

The decision was made after mediation by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. The announcement came at the same time as the day of the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putingave the order that the military leadership of his country Putting retaliatory nuclear weapons on high alert.

Countries The European Union has begun to deliver “large” quantities of weapons The Ukraine To help her defend herself against his invasion RussiaOn Sunday (27), several European parties were informed.

Delivered on Saturday (26th) and another on Sunday. “It is important and will allow the Ukrainians to fend for themselves,” one of the sources said.

Tkach said that experiences Russia With the Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk show that the President Russian President Vladimir Putin It has regional ambitions that go beyond Ukraine.

“The thing is, if you let Putin do whatever he wants, if you let him win territories, he will never stop,” he said.

According to him, economic sanctions are already taking a heavy toll on the Russian economy, but there is scope for further measures to stifle the country and force Putin to abandon the war.

“Right now, the main thing is Rapid penetration system As well as closing the airspace for all European countries.”

Tkach said that although Ukraine As a result of the attacks, the Russian troops suffered “heavy losses”.

According to him, they have been slaughtered so far:

  • 27 planes
  • 26 helicopters,
  • 146 tanks
  • 706 armored vehicles,
  • 49 pieces of anti-aircraft artillery
  • 30 cars
  • 60 tanks.

The Chargé d’Affairs also stated that more than 200 prisoners of war were captured.

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