May 31, 2023
Russian intelligence chief says US and Poland plan to divide Ukraine |  Globalism

Russian intelligence chief says US and Poland plan to divide Ukraine | Globalism

director of international espionage Russia The United States accused the Poland This Thursday (28) of conspiracy to gain a sphere of influence in Ukrainean allegation denied by Warsaw As disinformation designed to sow distrust among Kyiv supporters.

Sergei Naryshkin, Director of Foreign Intelligence at Russia (SVR), citing unpublished intelligence it said showed the United States and PolandNATO allies plan to restore Polish control over the western part of Ukraine.

Based on intelligence information received by foreign intelligence RussiaWashington and Warsaw are working on plans to impose political and military control over Poland About its historical characteristics in UkraineNaryshkin said in a rare statement published by SVR.

The Poland He denied the claim and said it was misinformation circulating across Moscow.

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Lies about the alleged plans of Poland To attack the western region of Ukraine It has been repeated for years,” said Stanislav Zarin, spokesperson for the Coordination of Special Services at Poland.

“The purpose of Russian propaganda is to nurture mistrust between Ukraine And Polandto undermine cooperation between the two countries.”

The Poland She already ruled some of the areas that today are part of Ukraine At various times in the past, most recently between the two world wars. The Ukraine The West, including the city of Lviv, was absorbed by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II.

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