January 29, 2023
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Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant disconnects from Ukraine’s power grid | Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which was occupied by Russian forces and was the target of the latest bombing, was “completely” disconnected from the national electricity grid on Thursday, the energy operator in UkraineWho blamed the “invaders” for this situation.

“The two reactors operating at the station were disconnected from the network. As a result, the attacker’s actions caused a complete disconnection [da central de Zaporizhzhia] Electricity grid for the first time in its history,” said operator Enerhoatom.

The International Atomic Energy Agency indicated that it was “notified by UkraineAbout the loss of connection to the national grid, but noted that the station is “still connected” thanks to the nearby thermal power plant, which can provide electricity in emergency situations. said Rafael Grossi, General Manager of the entity.

The Russia The complex has been occupied since the beginning of the invasion of Ukrainian lands in March. for KyivAnd the Moscow He seized the nuclear power conversion plant for Crimea, which the Russians annexed in 2014.

The two sides accused each other in recent weeks of bombing the plant, which includes six reactors and has a total capacity of six thousand megawatts. ukrainian president, Volodymyr ZelenskyOn Thursday evening, he warned of the seriousness of Russian actions at the plant. “The Russia “They put the Ukrainians and all Europeans one step closer to a nuclear catastrophe,” he added.

You are United Statein turn, condemned the actions MoscowThey demand the return of central control over Kyiv. Electricity that [essa central] Produced rightfully belongs to Ukraine And any attempt to disconnect the power station from the Ukrainian electricity grid is to direct it to the occupied territories [pela Rússia] “Unacceptable,” State Department spokesman Vidant Patel said.