Russian student was removed terrible discovery in the video

Російський школяр зняв страшну знахідку на відео

The guy is sure he’s found the remains of the Alien.

Explorer of abandoned buildings from the city of Kursk may have found the remains of a creature about which science knows nothing. The amazing find was made in an abandoned building of his native city, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Sixteen-year-old Dmitry Brezhnev with his friends at the end of summer I decided to go in a greenhouse near the school №52. Then the young people filmed their fun on camera. Only recently, when Dmitry saw the footage, was seen a strange creature.

In the frame on the floor in the middle of the debris lay the body of an unknown creature. Notice in non-illuminated room “alien” was almost impossible, so it is not surprising that one of the teenagers saw something live.

Російський школяр зняв страшну знахідку на відео

On the video you can see an elongated head, sharp teeth and thin legs decent length. Discovery looks like a baby alien from a sci-Fi film “Alien”.

Scientists are unlikely to confirm the findings of fact of an alien. In their opinion, the world huge number of creatures that are not studied. The existence of some species even have the slightest idea. It should be noted that the greenhouse near the school appears in many horror stories of students.


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