July 22, 2024

Ryan top scorer skips strides in Vasco who heralds ‘accelerate without running’ philosophy at the base | Vasco

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Ryan top scorer skips strides in Vasco who heralds 'accelerate without running' philosophy at the base |  Vasco
Ryan top scorer skips strides in Vasco who heralds 'accelerate without running' philosophy at the base |  Vasco

the Basque Debut with a defeat at Copinha (5 to 1 envelope or lizard) and opened the way in search of the title that did not come in 30 years at the top of the 24th group. The most “veteran” among the boys, thanks to his presence in the first team, Figueiredo scored two goals and was one of the highlights, but he needed to share the spotlight with a 15-year-old boy He entered the second half and scored the team’s last goal in the match.

Ryan was born on August 3, 2006, and as of today, a resident of Barrera, he is the youngest team in São Paulo to compete in the competition. He is the son of Valkmaar, a multi-hero defender for Basque who worked alongside Romário, Edmundo and the company in the 1990s.

I usually paint with confidence. I eventually scored at (under) 15 too, at (under) 17, at (under) 20. I always play my game, no matter what category. “We want to show our game,” he said in the post-match interview.

Ryan, from Vasco, celebrates his goal in the victory over Lagarto – Photo: Joao Carlos Gomez

Ryan has shown a cannon line since arriving at Basque, at the age of six – In 2017, at the age of eleven, he had already scored almost 300 goals. Because of this, he had been skipping some steps in his training process.

Appointed to the role of general manager of the base in June last year, Rodrigo Dias makes the boy the perfect example of the “hurry up without running” philosophy applied at the club.

The principle we preach here in the rule is to hurry without running. During this period we got a promotion for Ryan because he showed he needed a different challenge, so he got promoted to U-17 and he was able to make that comeback. This is a process we used here – Rodrygo explained in an interview Basque TV last week.

“The criterion we use is quality, not age. But of course: without running, we have to provide the right challenge so that the athlete can grow and develop,” he added.

The striker is still under 15 years old, but last year he started playing in the first category and, on his debut, scored a goal against Fluminense in the Copa Rio U-17 final. In November, He starred in a sad scene when the confusion began in the defeat of Flamengo by Carioca U15, but he ended 2021 integrated into the under-20 squad that was already preparing to play for Kupina.

Against Lagarto, Ryan came in the 33rd minute of the second half instead of Marcos Dias. Five minutes later, he received a superb pass from Juan on the left of the area, got rid of the defensive as he wanted and shot from the right flank to score his first goal in the category. Right on her first appearance.

the Basque Return to the field to face Copenha next Saturday to face Rio Claro at 14:00 (GMT).

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