July 18, 2024

Ryu’s new “big” look went viral on social media

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Ryu's new "big" look went viral on social media
Ryu's new "big" look went viral on social media

Social networks caught fire with Street Fighter 6 Official Announcement. Of course Capcom used the traditional poster boy – the fighter Ryo. But he may not have realized that the audience would be obsessed with a certain aspect of the character’s new look…

Many fans comment on the “bulk” in the groin area. That’s because of the launch video that shows a confrontation between him and the new fighter Luke (featured in SF 5), includes an angled snippet from bottom to top. It was enough for the jokes to become unruly.

“I’m not imagining things, but the developers actually provided the first realistic volume animation in Ryu’s underwear in the entire Street Fighter series?” asked foxfornaught profile.

“Why did they need to turn up the volume on Rio’s underwear? The world needs answers,” said NeuralHandshake.

Even competitor Kane entered the story: “Who hurt you? Rio Dotadao? He was doing it anyway”:

Capcom was thirsty [gĂ­ria americana para “safado”] So much so to focus on size in Rio’s underwear,” joked @ummimodoismimos.

P_ee_po added, “Some animators didn’t see his family for about five days because he was working overtime to make Ryu’s voice as noticeable as possible.”

And of course, fan art is also shown:

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