S7 Group will invest $ 300 million to build rocket engines

The company closed the acquisition of a floating cosmodrome “Sea launch”, but does not yet have a carrier that you can him start.

S7 Group вложит 300 млн долларов в сборку ракетных двигателей

S7 Group buys state rocket engines NK-33 and NK-45 for a production, then to equip them rocket “Soyuz-5”. Temporarily, the company has no rockets to launch from the spaceport she is going to apply rocket “Zenit”, after coming to terms with “Yuzhmash” about the delivery of the launch vehicle, but it makes it difficult for the government not giving permission to buy components.

In his new project S7 plans to invest $ 300 million. Currently, the company, together with the “Roscosmos” is working on the design of the rocket “Soyuz-5”. The Corporation want to see modern media, attractive in terms of economy, but it is not a project yesterday.


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