January 28, 2023
Sabrina Sato reveals the cause of the crisis with Duda Nagel: “My marriage was in the intensive care unit”;  Watch

Sabrina Sato reveals the cause of the crisis with Duda Nagel: “My marriage was in the intensive care unit”; Watch

at A recent interview with “Fantastic”And the Sabrina Sato admit that his relationship with Duda Nagel I’ve faced challenges lately. This Wednesday (6), in “Conversation with BielThe presenter returned to the topic and finally revealed the real cause of the crisis.

Controversies and the post-pandemic

Marital problems were to begin in the post-pandemic period, when Sabrina’s party spirit emerged. “During the pandemic, we were fine. The problem was with the post. When we started going out, I was desperate, wanting to see people, to go out, to party, to party. I have the spirit of 18 years, with a lot of people, I live surrounded by people. He does not. Wants to Be in peace and quiet.” remembered.

‘Marriage is like (with an exclusive “BBB”). Especially with Duda. Doda is Taurus. With wi-fi and a barbecue, he remains quiet, studies, without seeing anyone, studies, listens to an audiobook. He’s a 100-year-old gentleman,” I laughed.

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Fortunately, they were able to correct this with the help of treatment. “We got to the point where we were going to build an abyss or a bridge,” Sabrina analyzed. “We did [um pacto]. People are in harmony. I decided to go to therapy. In the first session I really started to vent and cry and said: My marriage is in the intensive care unit, “ remembered.

At the time, Sato saw no way out for both of them. “I got to talk about the breakup and she (Healer) He was suggesting exercises. She calmed me down and said there was a solution to everything. It gets to a point in the relationship where we can’t even hear each other. The two were like this, and we did an exercise, one talking and the other listening, and it worked.” I continued.

Sabrina Sato and her husband, Duda Nagel. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
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Biel then questioned the former BBB about her view of the “cornea”. “I think that (horned) It is changing. For me, horny isn’t about sex alone. It’s my job, it’s about getting the project done,” shooting. “Look at that program you have here. That’s a shout out. It’s about doing the things I believe in, social projects,” Presenter announced.

Sabrina Sato and Pedro Biel. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Attention deficit

Sabrina addressed several topics during the conversation, including attention deficit disorder, a diagnosis she received as a child. From childhood [lido com isso]. My parents are psychologists and worked in a clinic with a psychiatrist. But knowing that, I’ve always been doing all the exercises to have a balanced life.” He said.

She detailed how the condition affects her daily life, noting that Pedro ScoobyFrom ‘BBB22“. “We are not. Do you know Scooby? Give those trips. Those who live with us are either suffering or will have to learn how to deal with it. Mom, mom… Sabrina Sato!” Zoe says. I participated.

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Occupation designations

Finally, Biel remembered a line from Sabrina in her first appearance on “tight skirtDuring the show, Sato recalled the posters he had received throughout his life in the spotlight. “Since I was a kid I’ve had the worst ratings. I’ve been described as weird, jabba, stupid. This was getting worse. Forwardx. stupid, hot. If I got stuck in this… I wouldn’t sit with you guys today, on this couch. I wouldn’t I am here to present ‘Saia Justa’, announced, in GNT.

On the subject, Sato revealed that he often had to “take advantage” of such designations in order to be able to beat them. “We all believe in and play these characters. [que criam para nós]“, I finish.

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