August 7, 2022
Sabrina Sato Says 'We're Starting To Reserve A Few Days For Us' About The Crisis She Overcame With Doda Nagli |  Lovely

Sabrina Sato Says ‘We’re Starting To Reserve A Few Days For Us’ About The Crisis She Overcame With Doda Nagli | Lovely

In an interview with Fantastic, Sabrina Sato She commented on the turning point in her marriage to Duda Nagel. The presenter, who will be coming to GNT to present two shows, revealed that she was running away from DR, and that with the help of therapy and conversation the relationship returned to its most fun day.

“At night, I started to reserve a few days for us: ‘These days we date. These days we’re having dinner “…we needed him and he was friendly.

Sabrina Sato in an interview with Fantástico that will be broadcast on Sunday (20) – Photo: Fantástico

She told how therapy helped her understand the moment:

(The therapist) said, ‘Sabrina, if you don’t book (one day), he won’t show up. Because then you will be tired, he will be tired. When you meet, you will become exhausted. And the relationship would erode and go through hard times.” So, we needed to find our own day. Talk more, do these people, you know? Talk about the relationship. And I was the one in the relationship that walked out of that moment. He said, “Ah, let’s talk” and I” Calm down, I have to do a little business.” And I ran away, staying and keeping a lot to myself.

– Sabrina Sato

He asked Renata if the relationship had improved after that.

Sabrina:a lot! any? Looks like I’m starting dating now. Apparently, this and such, everything is better, right? “

The report also revealed another news: Sabrina Sato He is the new ambassador of Globoplayalong with Juliette and Paolo Vieira.

In an interview with Renata Capucci, Sabrina also talked about the news in her career. Watch the full interview in the video report below:

Sabrina Sato Joins Globo . Channel Presenters Group

While recording the report, at Sabrina’s home, in São Paulo, this Saturday (19), she and Renata Capucci recorded a video reminiscent of the moment they met and became friends, during Big Brother Brazil 2003. Sabrina said she is very happy with the new phase of her television career:

I can’t even believe it, folks! I am so happy, so glad to see you again! And in this way: Now we are more than friends, we are colleagues at the station! You have to bear me even at the company party!

Sabrina Sato in an interview with Renata Capucci

Behind the scenes of the taping of Sabrina Sato’s interview with Fantástico, which airs on Sunday (20) – Photo: Fantástico

Fantástico reporter Renata Capucci interviews Sabrina Sato at the host’s apartment in SP – Photo: Fantástico

Renata Capucci and Sabrina Sato recording an interview with Fantástico – Photo: Renata Capucci/TV Globo

The first project of Sabrina Sato With Grupo Globo since its exclusion from the BBB, in 2003, it was confirmed in January, when it was confirmed GNT reveal it She Will Be The Introduction Of The New Reality Show “Desapegue If You Could”Which opens at the end of April. The theme of the program is personal organization: Sabrina will enter people’s homes and make them leave what is no longer useful in their lives, with the help of specialists.

Sabrina Sato, Larissa Luz and Luana Xavier join Astrid Fontenelle at Saia Justa – Photo: Kelly Fuzaro/Disclosure

last Wednesday (16), the program “Saia Justa” by GNT Sabrina confirmed as new introBeside Astrid And two new members to the team: singer and actress Min Baheya Larissa Loz As well as the actress and presenter from Rio de Janeiro Luana Xavier. Gabi Amarantos and Pitywho has been part of “Saia Justa” since 2018, and Monica Martelli, who has been part of the team for more than nine years, is leaving production.

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