Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones tests positive for coronavirus after refusing to impose restrictions

“We will not send officers for these purposes,” Jones said at A. statement.

Now, he’s tested positive for Corona Virus After he was recently exposed to a colleague, according to A. statement From the sheriff’s office on Wednesday.

Jones, the Republican who was first elected county sheriff in 2010, began noticing mild symptoms last Friday, including fever, headache, congestion and dizziness, before showing positive results on Tuesday, according to the sheriff’s office.

The statement said: “He began to feel better on Sunday morning, and today there were no symptoms left of him.”

Jones is isolated, and so is his family, who have been tested and await their results, according to the sheriff’s office.

“The sheriff is only one of dozens of Sheriff’s Sacramento office employees who have contracted the virus, despite strict corporate safety practices and following all recommended personal safety protocols, while performing their basic duties to protect and serve their community or, as in the case of Sheriff, the statement said,” Support And interact with these dedicated women and men. “

Jones is not the first elected official to oppose coronavirus restrictions only to catch the virus later. In June, the Arizona mayor pledged a month earlier not to enforce stay-at-home orders He tested positive for the Coronavirus. Alabama Gov. Will Ainsworth (right), who has spoken out about delegating Republican Governor Kai Evey’s mask, describing it as “bypass”, tested positive in October.

As infection rates in California continue to rise and hospital capacity rapidly dwindle, Newsom said Monday he is considering mandating Request to stay at home To slow the spread.

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Over the past week, the number of hospitalizations in California has increased nearly 33 percent, according to Corona virus tracker, Washington Post. To date, there have been more than 1.2 million cases of coronavirus in California and more than 19,300 deaths.

Sacramento County, which has a population of about 1.5 million, has nearly 40,000 cases and just under 600 deaths, according to the mail tracker. On December 1, when Jones tested positive for the virus, the city reached 1,115 cases in one day, a record high. Sacramento BV reported.

Despite overseeing the county that houses the California Capitol and the governor’s home, Jones consistently refused to enforce the state’s health guidelines. On June 19, in response to the state’s mandate to use the mask, the sheriff’s office said in A. New release Violating the order is a “minor” offense and does not deserve execution.

The statement stated that “the possibility of negative consequences during the enforcement meetings, and the expectation of the various ways in which the order could be violated, would be inappropriate for MPs to criminally enforce the ruler’s mandate.” Accordingly, the sheriff’s office will not do so.

On November 19, Jones The office said A statewide curfew will not be imposed for the New Institute from 10 PM until 5 AM

Jones’s refusal to collaborate on coronavirus-related issues has gone far beyond enforcing public health mandates. In August, the mayor refused to provide information about coronavirus testing and cases in county prisons to an online dashboard of the State and Community Corrections Board (BSCC) that tracked the number of cases in California detention centers. I mentioned the bee Sacramento County was one of two that did not participate.

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“After reviewing the BSCC tracking system, the sheriff’s office doesn’t believe the data collected is comprehensive enough to show a complete picture related to COVID and our prison system,” said Tess Deterding, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department. A statement for the bee.

Since the sheriff’s office is not involved, it is not clear how many “dozens” of employees are in his office – as indicated in statement On Wednesday – he caught the virus from the prisons of the two counties.

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