Sacrificed in the name of reason of State

Jean-Marc Salvet
The Sun

Sacrifiée au nom de la raison d’État

CHRONIC / MarieChantal Chassé has been sacrificed in the name of reason of State. The prime minister François Legault and his bodyguards feared that his problems are worse than the government as a whole. They were not wrong. This is what would have happened.

The now ex-minister of the Environment and the Fight against climate change has lost a foot from his very first steps at the head of his department. Since then, she has been unable to put the foot in the stirrup. All of Quebec had been seen, and the office of the prime minister even more than the other.

The ejection also quick of the Council of ministers of MarieChantal Chassé, is no less cruel on the human plane. If shortly after the formation of the government, it is a kind of record.

Although this was not the purpose sought, the dismissal is also ultimately a way for the prime minister to show that he is capable of making difficult decisions. This can be a political asset.

Know how to communicate

Everything has been very fast. François Legault has met with Mrs Hunted Monday in Montreal, to tell him that she had to give up her seat. He then spoke to the mna Benoit Charette, to offer him the position.

During the press briefing that he was keen on the “adjustment” ministerial, Mr. Legault was like a big open book. Let us note that because this is not always the case for those who occupy its function. But can he put it on the back of the “communications” difficult for the minister fallen with the parliamentary press, as he has done?

They have often been esoteric. But Ms. Chassé has also suffered from the conversion is very recent and the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) to environmental issues, the near absence of plans in the areas that it needed to fly.

Since everything is build in such matters to the CAQ, it has not had the chance to be able to rely on anything. This has added to it.

Not a plan B

The new minister Benoît Charette is not a plan B. It could have had, even — to be part of the Council of ministers formed in October. He is a man of studious. It is not flamboyant, but he was always master the folders that are entrusted to him.

The member of parliament for deux-Montagnes knows to face the music and the pressure. His trial by fire, he lived when he resigned from the Party in quebec in 2011. It is no longer considered sovereign.

Mr. Legault had not yet formed the Coalition avenir Québec, but it was in gestation. For long months, Benoît Charette had to contend with the remarks and looks of the wrathful of his ex-colleagues pq members of the national Assembly.

For the time being, his appointment to the head of the ministry of the Environment will disappoint the Mouvement démocratie nouvelle. It is that he should lead a wide consultation on the reform of the mode of voting; proportional representation promised by Mr. Legault, a record that he knows well. The government would soon announce the central role it would play in this adventure.

Mr. Charette has beautiful be a much better communicator that Mrs Hunted, he will need to rely on a real government plan of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Communication is essential in the political universe, but it does not prevail. Not forever in any case.

The government, we want to believe that Mrs Hunted will live her demotion as a relief. It is the good that we wish him the best.

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