February 2, 2023

SAF director says salaries for Botafogo staff are never late and reveals improvements such as occupational and health plans

Director General of the Sudanese Armed Forces BotafogoAnd the Thiru Aruda Twitter used Friday (12/30) to deny information posted by reporter Raisa Simplicio, from “Goal.com,” that a wage From employees The club was also delayed, as were the players. The journalist later deleted the tweet.

Raisa, you are not informed at all. The salary of any Botafogo employee has not been delayed in the administration of the Sudanese Armed Forces. We have raised the minimum salary to 2,000 riyals per month, implemented a health plan, bonus policy, and a career plan, and we have the greatest commitment to everyone.Theroux wrote on Twitter.

last thursday, Botafogo has settled all outstanding salary issues for players, such as 13 rights, vacation, photo rights and November salary, after adjustments to cash flow.. However, other club employees did not have delinquent payments.