March 30, 2023

Said will get a film about SUS’s performance at Kiss nightclub – 01/26/2023 – Mônica Bergamo

the Ministry of Health Next month, the documentary “Saúde no Limite da Dor” about SUS (Unified Health System) In caring for fire victims Nightclub Kiss, in Santa Maria (Republika Srpska). And complete the tragedy on Friday ten years (27).

The work is divided into three episodes, and is directed by the transvestite Taya CarneiroWhich manages the field of strategic projects to contact the Ministry of Public Health in emergencies.

And through the testimonies of the agents who rescued the victims, the series will touch on the SUS crowd in the first hours after the fire and the importance of the authorities being present on the scene like the ex-president. Dilma Rousseff (Workers’ Party) and former Minister of Health Alexander Padilla.

The documentary will also show how the families of the victims were welcomed, the process for identifying the bodies and the administration of the antidote to cyanide, the poisonous gas that caused many deaths. deaths in the club.

The trailer for the documentary will be released next Thursday (2). Director Taya Carneiro celebrates the approaching date with Trans Visibility Day, as the film’s cast was formed, for the most part, by members of the community. LGBTQIA+.

“I feel like it’s a victory for us to be able to fill this space and show that transgender women have a lot to contribute to the development of the country,” she says.

The series, which began recording in December last year, will be available on the Ministry of Health’s social networking sites. The work will also serve as teaching material for the Public Health Emergencies Training Program (Profesp) Complex Biological Emergencies course.

Full house

the singer Link The show was attended by the American singer Erykah Badu, known as the Queen of Neosol, at the Latin American Monument, in São Paulo, last week. Singer Paula Lima and influencer Dandara to push They were there too.

With Bianca Vieira (Temporary)Karina Mathias And Manuela Smith

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