January 31, 2023
Saini informs the SPFC and indicates an environment waiting for the team to decide

Saini informs the SPFC and indicates an environment waiting for the team to decide

cries “ass” in 1-1 draw From Sao Paulo against cuiabaYesterday (4), composed by BrazilianHe didn’t shake or take the focus away from Rogerio Ceni. The coach and one of the greatest idols in Tricolor history, he has already experienced countless times the sensation that is to come until Thursday (8), when the return leg against Atlético jofor the semi-finals of Cuba Sudamericana.

The turbulent relationship between fans, Ceni and crew has become quite evident in recent days, with hostilities against Igor Gomes and Jandrei, as well as Confused coach and fan upon arrival in Cuiaba.

After a draw with heroic features due to match conditions – Sao Paulo was chosen with reservations and was almost one lower in the entire second half after Wellington was sent off -, Ceni gave a lesson on Sao Paulo and suggested two factors would come into play. About the environment until the decision against Atlético-GO: the claim of results and the concern about the headlines of expression.

“It’s Thursday” was chanted by Sao Paulo fans at the traditional Pantanal Arena at the end of the match, a clear message about the importance of the fencing that deserves a place in the continental championship’s decision.

“It’s Thursday” in a tone of request, not in the tone of a hug. I am sure that the fans will be present at Morumbi and we will do our best, always with great respect for the opponent. thought. Work on the team that will start the match and look for victory and ranking. It’s very simple,” said Rogerio Ceni.

“Sao Paulo is a team that was made to win, to win. It didn’t win for many years, because of some things that happened over the years that made the club not have the same conditions to fight with other teams, but it’s a team that got used to winning. That’s what we will try to do on Thursday, until the team arrives To the final of an international tournament again,” continued the coach.

Sene also made sure to explain his confusion with a fan when the team arrived in Cuiaba. According to the coach, the man not only cursed the athletes, but also insulted himself as he got off the bus.

“This fan has offended most guys, calling all guys a son of a bitch, with very few exceptions. When I got off the bus, he looked at me in the face and said son of a bitch to me. A guy like that has a nickname as a fan. One thing is freedom of speech, protest, something Another is abuse. It’s low level, but he was one fan. I grabbed his cell phone from his hand and said, “If you want to say something to me, let’s go inside and you can talk to me.” If you are too brave behind bars. I didn’t even insult, I don’t go back to cursing,” said Sene.

“The worry From fans comes from ten years without a major international title, without reaching an international final. This generates anxiety and generates demand, it’s fan right. The fans do not want to look at the general situation of the club, they want to see the title and victory. He sees Sao Paulo at a disadvantage with the club’s history, even though they are in the semi-finals, two defeats in the first two matches, and is more eager for the title. This could lead Sao Paulo to another final, with the difficulties we already know, due to the quality of the opponent and the difficulty of the result,” concluded the idol.

In the first leg, in Goiânia, Atlético-GO won 3-1 and now they can lose with the slightest advantage to reach the final. To advance in normal time, Sao Paulo needs to win by three goals. Tricolor win by two goals takes the decision on penalties.

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