December 9, 2022
Salvador confirms another case of monkeypox;  The total number of cases in Bahia is 13

Salvador confirms another case of monkeypox; The total number of cases in Bahia is 13

Salvador recorded another case of monkeypox, commonly known as monkeypox, this Thursday (4). This brings the number of cases of the disease in the capital of Bahia to ten.

According to the Bahia State Department of Health (CESAP), there are 69 other suspected cases under investigation in Bahia. Across the state, 13 cases have been recorded, ten in Salvador, two in Santo Antonio de Jesus and one in Ilheus.

Suspected cases in the municipalities of Amargosa (01), Aratube (01), Barra (01), Kaitete (1), Cairo (01), Camacari (01), Camamo (01), Conceição do Jacuípe (01), Conceição do Jacuípe (01), Cruz das Almas (01), Dias d’Ávila (01), Ibicaraí (03), Ilhéus (01), Itaberaba (03), Itapebi (01), Itiruçu (01), Jaguaripe (01), Jeremoabo (01), Juazeiro (01), Lauro de Freitas (02), Nazaré (01), Salvador (35), Santa Cruz Cabrália (01), Santa Cruz da Vitória (01), Santo Antônio de Jesus (01)) and São Sebastião o Passé (01), Serra do Ramalho (01), Ubaitaba (01), Vitoria da Conquista (01), and Xique-Xique (01).

The increase in the number of monkeypox cases (monkeypox) led the municipality of Salvador to create a specific protocol for dealing with the disease. The capital has ten confirmed cases and 35 suspected patients. Details were provided by Municipal Health Minister Desio Martins, on Wednesday (3).

The director explained that the municipality will provide 28 basic reference units for care and laboratory assembly, and 16 emergency and emergency units to receive patients suspected of being infected with the disease. Desio stressed that the protocol should not cause panic, the goal is to serve as an informational tool for the population.

Protocols instruct residents on when to look for our units and what precautions to take to prevent the spread of disease and protect themselves. The goal is to let people know when to go to health facilities. Currently, the cases are mild, and of the nine cases, four have already been treated.

Monkeypox is a viral disease. The patient has symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle aches, lymph nodes (nodules in the neck, armpits and groin), chills and fatigue, but the main indication is the appearance of rashes (blisters) on the skin, especially in the mouth and genitals.

Anyone showing symptoms should look for a health unit. In suspected cases, the patient should be isolated, including family contact, until the test result is ready. It is recommended to seek medical help as soon as you notice the appearance of blisters. They should not be popped and should be disinfected with soap and water (see below).

The test is done by collecting the secretion that comes out of the blisters. There are four laboratories in Brazil that analyze the material, and Salvador is associated with the unit of the Oswaldo Cruz (Viocruz) Foundation in Rio de Janeiro. The result is released about a week after collection.

When searching for one of the 44 units available in Salvador, the patient will be isolated from other people in the mail and will collect materials. It is important to wear a mask, because transmission of infection occurs through respiratory droplets and contact with wounds. If you are not using the proper protection, you will receive one on the unit. Symptoms last for two to four weeks, and isolation can last up to 21 days. The 44 units will start operating on Monday (8), following the protocol that has now been released.

Check step-by-step established by the protocol:

  1. If you have fever, headache, muscle aches, lymph nodes (nodules in the neck, armpit, and groin), chills, fatigue, especially rashes (blisters) on the skin, look for one of the 44 healthy ones;
  2. Wear a surgical mask. If not, you will receive one in the clinic and will be isolated from other patients;
  3. The hygienist will collect the secretion that comes out of the blisters and send it to the laboratory, and the result comes out in about a week;
  4. As long as the disease is not ruled out, it is necessary to remain isolated, not to share things, to use medicines and to clean the place with soap and water;
  5. If the disease is ruled out, you can return to socialization. If confirmed, isolation can last for 21 days;
  6. Symptoms disappear within four weeks.

See preventive measures:

  • carry out health education and communication activities;
  • wash your hands with soap and water or use 70% alcohol;
  • Use a surgical mask according to protocols;
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • avoid close physical contact with people;
  • reduce the number of sexual partners;
  • Perform respiratory etiquette.
  • In the case of people with monkeypox, isolation at home should be maintained;
  • You should avoid touching wounds and taking your hands to your mouth and/or eyes;
  • The vesicles should not rupture;
  • Cleaning of the skin and lesions can be carried out with soapy water;
  • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces.

Check where to get help:

Basic health units:

  • Barra/Rio Vermelho region: USF Lealdina Barros and USF Clementino Fraga;
  • Protas County: USF Olga de Alaketu;
  • Peruvian Capola Region: USF São Gonçalo, USF Mata Escura, and USF Doron;
  • Cajazeras District: USF Nelson Piahuy;
  • Itapua Province: USF Itapuã, USF Jardim Campo Verde and USF Mussurunga I;
  • Pau da Lima Province: USF Cambonas, UBS Castelo Branco, and USF São Marcos;
  • suburban railroad area: USF Ilha Amarela, USF Ilha de Maré, USF Bom Jesus dos Passos, USF Paramana, USF Teotônio Vilela II;
  • São Caetano / Valeria Province: USF Alto do Peru and USF Pirajá;
  • Liberdade District: USF San Martim I and UBS Maria Conceição Imbassahy;
  • Boca do Rio Province: USF César de Araújo and USF Pituaçu;
  • Itapagipe Health District: UBS Ministro Alkimin and USF São José de Baixo;
  • Historic Center District: UBS Dr. Pericles Esteves Cardoso (Barbalo) and USF Pelorinho;

Emergency and emergency units:

  • UPA Adroaldo Albergaria
  • UPA Paris
  • UPA Santo Antonio
  • Drums UPA
  • UPA sprouts
  • UPA Helio Machado
  • UPA Pirajá / Santo Inácio
  • UPA Valeria
  • UPA San Martin
  • UPA Parque Sao Cristóvão
  • PA Rodrigo Argolo
  • PA d. Edson Teixeira
  • Maria Conceição Embasahi
  • PA Alfredo’s office
  • Orlando Embasahi
  • PA San Marcos