May 31, 2023

Samsung acknowledges the problem that the cell phone battery drains quickly

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In recent weeks, many users of Samsung phones They complained that their device’s battery was draining faster than usual. Now, the manufacturer has admitted that the problem is related to a glitch in the keyboard software found on some models.

Samsung has acknowledged the problem

According to information from the specialized site SamMobile, the error was initially identified in the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 models, which were launched up to two years ago. However, recently, owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 models have also been reporting excessive battery drain issues.

A Samsung representative posted on the official forum in Thailand that the keyboard issue is related to the display of stickers and emojis, resulting in unnecessary power consumption. The company stated that the bug has now been fixed and that users can fix the problem by updating their Samsung keyboard.

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Samsung keyboard

It’s important to remember that Samsung Keyboard is the default keyboard that comes standard on all branded devices and competes directly with Google’s Gboard. The problem only affects a part of the brand’s phones, which requires a recent smartphone running One UI 5.1, Samsung’s interface based on Android 13.


To avoid problems with excessive battery consumption, it is important to always update applications and be careful when using resources that may affect the performance of the cell phone. If the problem persists after updating the Samsung keyboard, it is recommended to contact Samsung Technical Support for assistance.

Updates bring improvements to device security and performance, as well as fixes to potential software flaws. We recommend that you enable automatic updates to ensure that your device is always up to date and working properly. Thus, users can enjoy all the functions of their devices without worrying about excessive battery consumption or security breaches.

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