July 18, 2024

Samsung clones iPhone? Galaxy S22 FE Unconfirmed, Global USB-C and More | TC . Factory

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Samsung clones iPhone?  Galaxy S22 FE Unconfirmed, Global USB-C and More |  TC . Factory
Samsung clones iPhone?  Galaxy S22 FE Unconfirmed, Global USB-C and More |  TC . Factory

It’s time to see everything that happened in the world of technology in another edition of TC . duty. If you’ve missed any news, don’t have time to read or are looking for a ‘summary’ of the week, just scroll down the page to be well informed.

In this week’s release, we’ll comment that Xiaomi has given up on passing the Xiaomi 12S line through testing on DxOMark and that an Apple executive said Samsung made a “bad copy” of the iPhone.

In addition, we also have an operation that has caught the criminals responsible for distributing hacking in the metaverse, while there is a possibility that Samsung will cancel the launch of the Galaxy S22 FE.

Scroll down the page and be well informed in our recap of the week!

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Xiaomi 12S by DxOMark

Xiaomi is expected to launch the Xiaomi 12S line next Monday (4). The phones could be the world’s first with Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 and the brand is excited too View the result of his partnership with Leica.

However, Lei Jun, founder and CEO of the Chinese company, said that the Xiaomi 12S line will not pass the traditional DxOMark camera test. For him, the price that the brand has to pay for the rating is expensive, and even Mi Fans don’t care about the camera arrangement.

In addition, in response to the criticism received by the company on social media, John said that it was Leica that approached Xiaomi and not the other way around. The CEO said the German company saw good potential in his company’s mobile phones after Huawei lost in the global market.

Netflix has banned HD technology

The Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice (TJ-RJ) has reissued an injunction specifying that Netflix stop using one Patented Video Compression Techniques From American software developer DivX.

The company is notorious for providing technology that compresses HD videos, and claims that Netflix has been using its intellectual property without permission.

According to DivX attorney Carlos Aboim, the company has gone to court to protect new investments in the development of this and new technologies related to video compression.

On the other hand, Netflix denies that it infringes patents, although this is proven in five technical opinions signed by the USP, UFRJ and other universities.

Hacking in Metaverse

In the operation carried out this week, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) About 5700 products tuning It is intended for unauthorized connections that were located in Amazon warehouses and distribution centers in the cities of Betim and Cajamar.

According to Anatel, about 67,000 pieces of equipment have been checked and those withdrawn from circulation are estimated at R$500,000. The regulatory agency says most of the products are cell phone chargers, portable batteries, and wireless headphones.

Additionally, Anatel highlights the collaboration of Amazon itself, which aided in the process by identifying products.

Hacking has also reached the well-known Metaverse. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security implemented another phase of “Operation 404” and shut down 461 music apps, 700 streaming apps, and 266 websites. Pirated content distributed within the Metaverse.

10 people involved in maintaining and distributing copyrighted content have been arrested.

Samsung made a poor copy of the iPhone

In an interview shown on a documentary celebrating the 15th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, said: Samsung was ‘annoying’ and made a ‘poor copy’ From the first generations of the iPhone.

He said:

They were so annoying because, you know, they stole our technology. They took the innovations we created and made a shoddy version of them, putting a bigger screen on the phone. So, yes, we weren’t happy with that at all, Joswiak said.

Apple even sued Samsung over this copy and won the suit with a $1 billion fine. However, the company only entered into an agreement with Samsung in 2018 when the Korean company paid much less than that.

Brazil opens public consultation to make USB-C standard global

Like the European Union, Brazil can make USB-C the Global connectivity for electronic devices. The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) opened a public consultation on the topic this week.

The body text provides the same justification used by the European regulators:

[A medida foi criada] With the aim of contributing to the homogenization of the offer of products that use cable charging, which will allow more convenience for consumers and possibly reduce e-waste by reusing chargers when changing mobile phones.

In addition, Anatel also lists some advantages of USB-C: it has greater durability, supports higher data transfer capacity, allows connection to monitors and can also be used with fast charging up to 240W.

Public consultation will be available until August 26, 2022, if approved, the rule should come into effect from July 1, 2024.

Has the Galaxy S22 FE been discontinued?

Samsung may release smartphones Most affordable can be folded by 2024. According to the latest information, the goal of the Korean brand is to sell these devices within the Galaxy A line at a price less than 800 US dollars (about 4,200 Brazilian reais).

The idea behind the project is to introduce folds with intermediate slats and cut some features to reduce production costs. This strategy also aims to make Samsung expand its dominance in the foldable market, where the brand currently owns 88% of the segment.

On the other hand, rumors released this week suggest that Koreans may have given up on launching the Galaxy S22 FE. This was said by a well-known and trusted leaker Not much has been heard about the development of this device in the Samsung supply chain.

In addition, the brand itself is aware that the late launch of the S21 FE made the device compete directly with the Galaxy S22 line and lose sales. The scenario is rather complicated, but there are those who believe that there is still a possibility of launching the S22 FE in 2023.

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