March 31, 2023
Samsung mocks Apple for lack of innovation and iPhone 14 cameras

Samsung mocks Apple for lack of innovation and iPhone 14 cameras

Update (12/09/2022) – MR

In a series of tweets posted after the launch of the iPhone 14 last week, Samsung urged its rival on its Galaxy devices.

The first is related to foldable devices, as the South Korean says it has already had devices of this state for more than two years, wondering when Apple will do the same. Samsung is taking the opportunity to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The second focuses on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and continues the series of provocations.

At first, Samsung challenges Apple to get into the foldable segment and starts teasing its competition, claiming that it hasn’t brought in innovations and launched the same products over the years.

The South Korean also makes fun of the cameras Apple uses in its iPhones. Samsung says it has been using 108MP cameras for two years, referring to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, while the Pro variants of the iPhone 14 use a 48MP sensor and base models use a 12MP sensor.

Original text – 09/08/2022

In the commercial, an iPhone user becomes obsessed with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 after seeing it in person for the first time and hearing about its qualities.

Since then, she starts noticing the folding movement of many everyday objects, such as a book, a chair on the bus, and a yoga pose, until she begins to have a nightmare where she is folded and tries to do the same movement on her iPhone, but gives up and decides to buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4. See:

The ad is inspired by the “Black Mirror” series and has a comic scene from Saturday Night Live, playing with the fact that she always switches to the same cell phone as her favorite brand, but gets consumed with her discovery gradually, until she gives up and gives up. Swap your iPhone for the new foldable device from Samsung.

Although comical, the commercial may upset some Apple users and increase animosity with Samsung, as well as South Korea picking the perfect moment: right after the announcement of the new iPhone 14 line.

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(Updated September 12, 2022 at 10:24 pm)