Sanders challenges Biden’s choice of OMB’s ‘fierce attacks’


President Joe Biden’s selection to lead the Office of Management and Budget on Tuesday apologized for spending years attacking top Republicans on social media. (February 9)

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Tensions between Senator Bernie Sanders and Nera Tandin, President Joe Biden’s candidate to lead the Office of Management and Budget, spilled into public opinion Wednesday as Tandin faced a second round of questioning over her thorny Twitter comments about Democrats and Republicans.

Sanders, the chair of the Senate Budget Committee tasked with vetting Tanden before her confirmation was voted on, used the hearing to highlight his lukewarm relationship with her on both her personal attacks as well as corporate donations, the left-leaning think tank. It received the American advance under its leadership.

“Your attacks were not just against Republicans. There were fierce attacks against progressives, the people that I worked with, and myself,” Sanders said, asking whether she would take a different approach.

Tandin, who apologized to Sanders during her opening remarks, said she regrets the comments she made on social media. The OMB candidate repeated her apology to Republican senators on a different panel who confronted her about her previous tweets on Tuesday.

“My language and expressions on social media have been causing harm to people, and I feel bad about it. And I’m really sorry for that, and I realize it’s really important for me to prove that I can work with others,” she said. “I would say social media leads to a lot of personal comments and my style would be completely different.”

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Tandin, who led the Communist Action Party for nearly a decade and sharpened her credentials in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, is facing a bumpy hearing in the Senate as she faces criticism from both sides over her social media comments that sometimes veered into character. Attacks on lawmakers.

As director of the Office of Management and Budget, Tandin served in a central role in politics at the White House, helping Biden pursue his electoral promises such as improving the anti-corruption law – which Tandin helped administer through Congress under former President Barack Obama – as well as overseeing the budget. President.

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President Joe Biden is meeting with business leaders at the White House to discuss “the urgent need for the US rescue plan to save the economy.” (February 9)

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Sanders has also expressed concern about the millions of dollars in corporate donations that CAP has received during her tenure, citing a report that the organization has received at least $ 33 million from companies such as Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Google since 2014.

“So before I vote on your nomination, it is important for me and the members of this committee to know that those donations you have received at CAP will not affect your decision making in the office of office management,” Sanders said.

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Tandin pledged that these relationships would have a “zero impact” on her decision-making as head of the budget.

Relations between the couple have been tense since Sanders ran against former Tanden chief, Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. In 2019, Sanders wrote a scathing letter to CAP and the CAP Action Fund accusing the organization “defaming bad faith” and criticizing Tandin for calling out “Loneliness while at the same time offending my staff and supporters and downplaying progressive ideas.”

Lindsay Graham, a South Carolina senator who is the most senior Republican on the committee, dismissed concerns about Tanden’s use of corporate donations, but raised her anger over her personal attacks on Sanders during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Graham read one of her tweets out loud: “Russia has done more to help Bernie than has DNC’s random internal emails to help Hillary.”

“All I can say is that this is not the one choice I have been looking for for this position,” Graham added.

Senator John F. Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, mocked Tandin for her social media posts.

He said, “You call Senator Sanders everything except the” ignorant slut. ”

Tandin insisted it was incorrect, leading Kennedy to press whether she meant the comments at the time.

She finally replied, “I must have gone to them but I really regret them.”

Democrats on social media were quick to point out that Republican senators who voiced their anger at Tanden’s tweets had largely ignored former President Donald Trump’s blunt rhetoric on social media.

Although Sanders was quick to reformulate his disagreements with Tandin, he offered policies he agreed with, including making public college tuition free for low-income earners, lowering Medicare age, and raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, paid. Pay. Family leave, medical and general leave before kindergarten among others

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