August 17, 2022
Famosa Sandy (Foto: Reprodução) Artista

Sandy publishes a rare photo of Theo and mourns her death with an emotional text

Actress Sandy shocked on social media last Sunday (03) by announcing the death of a beloved woman. The reason is that Patricia Keyser died at the age of 52. The girlfriend of the famous, the deceased was the godmother of Theo, the singer’s son with Lucas Lima.

The artist ended up breaking protocol and posting a photo of Theo with his wife in an emotional text. “Dear comrade, I have known you for a long time, but in the past nine years you have held a very special place in my heart…” Sandy began.

“With his cheerfulness, tenderness, spontaneity, in a ‘childish’ manner, he entered my life and became irreplaceable. I was so happy, so impressed and grateful for everything you did for me and our Theozinho even before his birth, that I entrusted you with one of the most important roles in the life of a child To be your daddy,” Sandy said of the friend.

“And you have obviously mastered this task over the past eight years. And you went much further. Until you started ‘The Spoon’, there wasn’t a day I didn’t talk to you. And that advantage is entirely yours, because you have always been a proactive friend, one of those who They trick us and make us remember how important watering a beautiful plant is to a precious friendship,” Sandy stated in her letter.

“And you taught me so many other things, that I don’t even know if you know… I don’t know if I’ve had time to tell you everything…, feel the warmth and hug, tell you about every molar that fell from our boy. From every meeting with Master, who made you so proud, of every new discovery,” she lamented the tragedy.

Sandy’s comments on the difficult situation

“All his new interests, every Dindão-inspired playlist, every journey, every achievement, every sadness, every joy…that we wouldn’t have birthday parties together…I can’t believe you won’t be there at his graduation, I wished so much I can’t believe it,” Sandy stated on social media.

“I don’t really know what the lesson is that life is trying to teach us about your premature departure. There is still a long way to go for us to live together. This feeling never leaves me. But you have always been so wise and, thank God, you did not leave so many things for later.” It spread more love in 52 years than it seemed possible to spread in 100 years.”