May 28, 2023

Santander makes a big announcement about credit cards

Banco Santander confirmed the news to those who use a credit card

It is not news to anyone that credit cards have become a huge fever all over the world. Mainly, because of the facilities that have been provided to be able to pay debts in installments and often without interest. In light of this, Banco Santander decided to announce an important message.

This is because despite the facilities, the payment method that has revolutionized the way we handle money also requires a series of precautions. It turns out that with credit cards we are increasingly vulnerable to theft and other things that can put us at risk.

In light of this, Santander Bank decided to launch an insurance aimed specifically at protecting customers from unnecessary purchases. We are talking about secured card insurance. This is a solution that seeks to minimize your financial loss if an unauthorized person uses your card.

Banco Santander confirmed unexpected credit card news (Photo Reproduction / Internet)

The way it works is simple and follows the logic of any type of insurance: You pay a monthly premium and you’re protected against covered contingencies. It should be noted that Santander has various insurance plans for protected cards that are designed exclusively to meet your needs.

What plans are available?

University Card Insurance: An exclusive plan for university sector customers with basic daily coverage.

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Central Bank (clone/internet)

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Debit Card Insurance: An exclusive debit card plan with essential coverage for your everyday life.

Primary Card Insurance: Coverage in case of card misuse and up to R$1,000 coverage for your bag, backpack and belongings if stolen with the insured card.

Plus Card Insurance: Coverage to protect your wallet, bag or belongings up to R$2,000 when stolen with the insured card and until theft after withdrawal.

Debit and Credit Cards Are Obsolete After Pix (Photo Reproduction/Internet)
Debit and credit cards (photo reproduction/internet)

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