January 27, 2023
Santos analyzes the market for at least two full-backs

Santos analyzes the market for at least two full-backs

the Santos He analyzes the market for at least two wings: left-handed and right-wing.

Peixe wants players in a starting position for both sides of the field. Another left winger could be needed if Felipe Jonathan is traded in the next international transfer window. Madson also has a chance to leave.

Coach Fabio said: “We have value for players, youngsters, who have a market. Felipe Jonatan, some time ago, big teams came from Brazil and abroad, for example. If we lose Felipe Jonatan, we will have to bring in another player.” Karel.

On the right, Santos broke up with Parra and Madson was the only replacement on the professional team. Madson has been offensively decisive this season, but he is physically unreliable. In the norm, there is no one to feel the excitement. Daniel Guedes has not been used much on loan to Fortaleza and should be traded again.

On the left, Moraes is a cucumber. Lucas Perez and Pedro Scaramosa are from Al Qaeda, please, and they can be promoted after Cuba. Felipe Jonathan has become a midfielder with Carell, but is tempted to return to a full-back in the scheme with only two defenders in 2022.

Fabio Carrell believes that with time to train in pre-season, Felipe Jonathan could do well in the four-way defensive line if not sold. With Madson, there is an even greater fear of an athlete’s offensive career. That’s why the coach wants a “ready” right-back.

Santos finds it difficult and does not see few sides. View of Bedouin, from Guarani, and his analysis. The left wing has been searched by the fish before.

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