January 27, 2023
Lance de jogo da noite desta quarta-feira, em Araraquara: duelo atrasado da rodada 10

Santos and Ferrovia tie and take the drama to the final round

saints And the Railroad Draw 3-3 on Wednesday evening (16) in Araraquara. Pixie still has three more disallowed targets. As a result, they both develop little in Bolstao 2022 And going from 10 to 11 points: Pixie is third in Group D and Fernha is in the same position in C.

Thus, despite the fluid score and all the emotion of the match, they make it to the final round in an atmosphere of drama. With the urgent need to win duels so as not to rely on tie-breaking standards so as not to fall. The chance of ranking is still there, but it’s getting more and more difficult.

Alfinegro Praiano receives Água Santa (11 points in group A) while Locomotiva receives visit of Mirassol (17 points in group C). The two clashes took place on Saturday (19) at 16 pm.

Ponte Preta, runner-up in the competition, has 8 points and hosts Ituano on the same day and time. If you win, you will also go to 11.

The relegation is intertwined, but one of the threatened will certainly join Nofrisentino, who is already relegated, with 3 points, which meets the table against the seeded Corinthians on Sunday (21).

The first tiebreaker is the number of wins. Today, Água Santa has 3 and Santos, Ponte and Ferrovia add up to 2. If there is a tie on this side, it will be the definition of goal difference.

the game
The teams attacked in the rain, not the storm that postponed the match on March 5.

It couldn’t be different: Santos came from four games without wins in Paulista and Ferroviaria had two matches in the same situation.

The first stage was so busy that it had a little bit of everything. Even before the first minute was over, Vidal shot hard and Joao Paulo had to extend to avoid the home team’s opening goal.

Santos knew how to respond with sharper plays. However, two goals from Bixe were disallowed: in the 15th minute, Lucas Barbosa hit the net, but he was offside at the time of the kick; And in the 19th minute, it was Marcos Leonardo’s turn to score, but was not executed. The referee saw an error in the origin of the play.

The score was finally opened at 27 minutes: Lucas Braga, an innovator in the squad, knew how to shoot accurately in Saulo’s departure: 1 to 0 Santos.

Pixie’s joy did not last long: Hegor, in the 32nd minute, scored a beautiful header and beat Joao Paulo: 1 to 1.

There was no time to take his eyes off the match: in the 44th minute, Thomaz turned to Ferrinha with a weak shot, but into the corner: 2 to 1.

In stoppage time Marcos Leonardo – who tried to score on a bike in the opening minutes – celebrated a caretaker goal for Pixi in the 48th minute: 2 to 2.

Final step
The passion did not stop. The first 15 minutes were equally eventful, but without an abundance of goals from the previous stage.

On the contrary, Ricardo Goulart, head to head with Saulo, missed a goal by kicking, in the 8th minute, to the despair of Santos coach Fabian Bustos.

Pixie’s third goal was not allowed in the 35th minute with a header by Leo Baptistao, who came in the second half to try to determine the situation.

So much so that from Baptistau’s feet came a powerful shot that, at 38 minutes, exploded on the crossbar.

There was more: in the 44th minute, a penalty kick for Ferrovaria after a handball by Kaiki: at 45 minutes, Bruno Mezinga’s goal: 3 to 2.

There was still time for more – and on the Santos side: at 47 minutes, Leo Baptistao decided the final score: 3 to 3.

data sheet

3×3 Santos Rail
Location: Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara (SP)
Date and time: Wednesday (16) 19:00
Referee: Luis Flavio de Oliveira
Assistants: Daniel Paolo Zioli and Evandro de Mello Lima

Goals: Lucas Braga (Santos) in the 27th minute / first Hegor (Feruviaria), at 32 minutes / 1ºT; Thomaz (Ferroviária), at 44 min/1ºT; Marcos Leonardo (Santos), at 48 min/1; Bruno Mezenga (Ferroviária), at 45 minutes/second; Leo Baptistao (Santos) at the 47th minute

Audience: 5,462
Income: 120 thousand Brazilian riyals

Yellow cards: Arthur, Tomaz and Vidal (Feruviaria); Zanusillo, Camacho, Sandri (Santos)

Rail: Saul; Vidal (Bernardo), Bruno Leonardo, Didi and Joao Lucas (Bruno Lopez); Vitinho (Arthur), Rafael Luiz and Tomaz (Marquinhos); Hegor, Orejuela (Julio Vitor) and Bruno Mezinga. Coach: Elano Bloomer

Saint: Joao Paulo, Oro, Kaiki, Eduardo Bormann and Lucas Perez; Camacho (Sandri), Vinicius Zanocello (Jobson), Ricardo Goulart (Leo Baptistao); Lucas Barbosa (Angelo), Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo (Roan Secco). Coach: Fabian Bustos