February 1, 2023

Santos cuts staff meals to save money and generate internal crisis – 01/17/2023

Santos resumed work on Monday (9) to an unpleasant surprise for its employees. The club’s request to cut meals at the training center caused an internal disturbance, causing the team to request a conversation with the technical committee and the football board.

At the beginning of the year, by order of the administrative department, Santos restricted the breakfast of employees and separated them into shifts, distinguishing the players’ meals from the rest of the workers, who now needed to eat early and only bread and milk and eat. butter.

On the other hand, the athletes can eat in a more fortified way, with eggs, fruits, juice and other nutrients, and at different times than the staff, without the possibility of any kind of contact between them, unlike before.

Yesterday, two athletes arrived an hour before training and were surprised to find only bread and butter. It was the final straw for the cast charging plate football for over-thrifty in all departments. Travel allowances have also been cut from employees.

Thus, the cuts provoked a rebellion from the players themselves, who went to talk to the coach and the board of directors, who promised to entrust managing director Vicente Salvador, author of the economy measures. Thus, the atmosphere behind the scenes at Santos started this season uncomfortable.

According to officials, all sectors have been affected by this measure, from lockers, masseurs, security guards, physiotherapists and even supporting members to the coaching staff, who are part of the club’s football routine. The cleaning and maintenance sectors no longer even qualify for meals.

The board’s position is at odds with what Santos has been adopting lately. Some time ago, the club started making employees pay for their own food, which really caused discomfort and surprised the technicians who passed by the club, because in football it is common for those who are part of football to share meals with the team. Dinner was also cut short.

This forced many employees, who previously ate free in CT, to go out to lunch at home to save money, because the expenses for meals at the club would be higher.

The club was contacted for comment on the information, but declined to comment.