July 4, 2022
Santos x Palmeiras football live stream on Sunday, learn how to watch online

Santos x Palmeiras football live stream on Sunday, learn how to watch online

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Check where Watch live football This Sunday (7). Saints and palms Showdown at Vila Belmiro, 4pm (GMT), In the thirtieth round Brazilian Championship.

Classic brings the difference in opposite situations in Brazilian. 17 points separate the competitors in the championship standings. Check where the match is being held on TV and how to watch it live online.

Where can you watch Santos Palmeiras matches live on Sunday

On Sunday, the live football match between Santos and Palmeiras will be held at 4 pm (GMT), at Villa Belmero, in the 30th round of the Brazilian Championship.

to balloon Is it live broadcast? From classic, for cases of SP, PE, PA, CE, AL, MT, MS, TO, GO, PR and RS).

The narration will be on Globo by Cléber Machado, with comments from Caio Ribeiro and Casagrande.

Who has a subscription to the first show You can watch it live, the pay TV channel broadcasts the match throughout Brazil.

The novel at the premiere will be written by Jader Rocha with commentaries by Anna Thisis Matos and Rocky Jr.

How to watch football live on mobile

a Globe allows access Program your channel through the application globoplayTo watch the game online, you need to download and install the application and then register.

Likewise, who signs Premier Play, You can watch it through the broadcast service of the channel that broadcasts the game simultaneously with the subscription channel.

Palmeiras and Santos today in Brazil

In opposite situations Brazilian ChampionshipAnd with different goals, Palmeiras and Santos are looking for another win in Sunday’s derby at Villa Belmiro.


fish got Breathing in Brazil. Despite the weak campaign, comes from two consecutive victories Atlético PR and America MG.

Thus, the team led by coach Fabio Carrell was able to leave the relegation zone and open the round with 35 points in 13th place, but is still far from its rival in third place.

He is followed by Bahia with 33 points. In case Today’s defeat against Verdau, (and if Bahian wins), the Vila Belmiro . team Will be back near Z4.

Therefore, to triumph over the opponent, Karel will rely on the return two important forcesAnd Midfielder Vinicius Zanusillo and striker Marinho return to the starting line-up.

likely Santos Collection: Joao Paulo, Danilo Pozza, Robson Reis and Emiliano Velasquez; Madson, Vinicius Zanusillo, Felipe Jonathan, and Marcus Gilherme; Marinho, Lucas Braga and Diego Tardelli.


Verdão arrives packed for I play for Brasileirao, after qualifying for the Libertadores final against Flamengo, on November 27.

After four consecutive victories against internationalAnd Ceará, Sport and Grêmio, now looking for the Vice-Chairman, With 52 points, he is in third place.

With the good stage, the The Fiverde dream again With the possibility of a national title, but narrowing the gap, now ten points for leader Atlético-MG, it will not be an easy task.

likely Palmeiras assortment: Weaverton, Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Luanne and Bequeries; Felipe Melo, as Rafael (Danilo), Rafael Vega, Gustavo Scarpa (Luis Adriano); Dudu and Ron.