July 23, 2024

Sao Paulo defeats Cruzeiro in the comeback and faces rival Palmeiras for a place in Copina’s decision.

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the Sao Paulo He is in the semi-finals of the São Paulo Junior Soccer Cup. This Wednesday, the team beat Sea tripRound 2-1, and qualified for the next stage of the tournament, where they face Palmeiras. In a match played to the end, the match was marked by delays and strikes due to structural issues at Anacleto Campanella.

Before the ball rolled, the lack of an ambulance on the field delayed the start of the match by 30 minutes. With the arrival of the car, the match, which was scheduled to take place at 21:30 (Brasilia time), started around 22:00.

With the ball rolling, the first half was very well balanced. In the 31st minute, the first goal of the match. In a corner kick, Agio rose above Sao Paulo’s defense and quickly slotted the net into Cruzeiro’s goal.

Three minutes later, more problems. Some of Anacleto Campanella’s lights went out due to a lack of energy and the match was paralyzed for 17 minutes. In doing so, the referee added 23 minutes in the first half, taking into account the other normal breaks in the match.

With the energy restored, the match resumed and São Paulo began putting more pressure on the opponent in search of a reaction. In the 63rd minute of the first half, pressure prevailed when Maioli took advantage of the rebounding opportunity inside the area and tied the score, to take the match to the end of the first half with everything being equal for both teams.

Back in the second half, Tricolor continued to produce more. In the 14th minute, the team had a great opportunity with Luiz Henrique, who was head-to-head with Daenerys, but his shot was unbalanced and the goalkeeper managed to block.

In the 33rd minute of the last stage, Joao Adriano was pushed by Pablo and a low cross pass into the area, to find Vetinho. The striker hit the net and relied on a deflected Matthews to turn the game around and put Sao Paulo ahead, conceding a penalty in the semi-finals.

The last minutes were very crowded. Cruzeiro continued to attack and almost equalized with Alex Matos. However, Minas Gerais did not equalize and the match ended with the return of Sao Paulo with a score of 2 to 1.

With this victory, Sao Paulo qualified for the semi-finals in Copina, where it faces its rival, Palm trees, this Saturday, at 7 p.m. (Brazilian time), at Arena Barueri. On the other side of the key, Santos e America MG They are favorites to qualify for the final and will face each other on Friday, 8pm (Brazilian time), at the Anacleto Campanella stadium.

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