February 1, 2023

Sao Paulo defeats Retro with a goal through Thales Wander and qualifies for the cup

Top scorer Talles Wander did not disappoint and secured Sao Paulo’s ranking in the third phase of the Copa Sao Paulo. The striker scored the winning goal for the treble against Retrô, today, 1-0, at the Bento de Abreu Sampaio Vidal stadium, in Marília (SP).

  • São Paulo made many mistakes in dribbling, especially in the first half, and had difficulty breaking through the Retrô defence.
  • Tallis Wander took charge of converting the penalty early in the second half;
  • The striker is São Paulo’s top scorer in Copina and runner-up, behind only Riquelme (Cuiaba);
  • Retro finished the match with two fewer players. Alison and Renatino are kicked out.
  • Tricolor faces América-MG in the next stage of the competition, on a still undetermined day and time.

curiousity: Sao Paulo has yet to concede a goal in this edition of the Copa Cup. On the other hand, he has already scored 11 times.

the game

Sao Paulo controls the game, surrounds the area, but makes mistakes. Tricolor started the match looking for a quick exchange of passes and playing with the flankers, but when it got comfortable, he started circling the opponent’s area, controlling possession of the ball. The large number of wrong passes and the lack of a goal at the end kept the score at zero.

Retranca do Retrô works, and Lucas Menino locks the goal. The Pernambuco team even took risks in attack in the first minutes, as the ball hit the post, but they spent most of the first stage “locked in” on their court. Putting up to five men in the last row, Retrô still had a good performance by a goalkeeper to carry the tricolor.

Tallis Wanderer does not forgive, and scores a penalty kick for Sao Paulo. The striker hits five targets in Kubina and takes the position of deputy gunner in the competition.

Retro tries to fight back even if one player is down; São Paulo benefits from the spaces. Pernambucan went to Tricolor looking for at least a draw – even after Alisson was sent off – but did little to scare away the opposition defence. Sao Paulo really did look for an opportunity to kill the match.

Renatinho was fired after his violent entry at Newton. In stoppage time, Retrô’s player tried to stop a counter-attack from Sao Paulo, making a ruthless mistake in midfield. Renateño got the straight red and Newton left the field in tears.

Talise Wander, of São Paulo, celebrates a goal against Retro for Cobina

Photo: Mateusz Dassan / saopaulofc.net


1 x 0: Tallis Wander opened the scoring for Sao Paulo three minutes into the second half. The number 9 shirt was dropped by Rodrygo inside the area, he headed for a penalty and was sent to the left with no chance for Lucas Migno.

data sheet

Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Retro-B

competition: The second stage of the Sao Paulo Cup
date and time: January 13, 2023, 9:45 PM (Brasilia time)
Place: Bento de Abreu Sampaio Vidal Stadium, in Marilia (SP)
Rule: Pedro Henrique Alves de Paula
Assistants: Bruno Silva de Jesus and Ricardo Poussette
Yellow cards: Joao Adriano (Sao Paulo); Alison (retro); Denelson (Retro); Gustavo (retro); Luan Luz (retro); Renatinho (Retro); Azez (Sao Paulo)
red card: Alison (retro); Renatinho (retro)
Objectives: Talise Wonder (Sao Paulo), 3 minutes into the second half

Sao Paulo: Leandro. Rafael Luiz, Y’tallo, Belém, Luis Philippe; Leo Silva (Palmberg), Vinicius (Ngrocchi), Pedrino (Luis Henrique); Joao Adriano (Newerton), Maioli (Joao Gabriel), Talise Wander (Aziz). Technical: Giuliano Belletti

Retro: Lucas Boy Rodrigo (Jean Felipe), Denilson, Jackson (Renateno), Elvis (Luan Luz); Murilo, Lucas Calliel (Matheocinho), Erickson (Gustavo); Alison, Sergipe (Eric), Marleson. Technical: Rafael Dias.