February 5, 2023

Sao Paulo offers the arrival of a midfielder who has played in the World Cup. The contract will be for 3 years

According to ESPN, Sao Paulo has sent another reinforcement arriving for 2023

Sao Paulo has sent another reinforcement arriving aiming for the 2023 season🇧🇷 As he discovered it ESPNHey Tricolor The signing of the midfielder is about to be completed Sebastian Mendesaged 25, who belongs to LAFCGive Major League Soccer (MLS) and play world Cup From Qatar fur Ecuador🇧🇷

The athlete is expected in the capital, Sao Paulo, next week, immediately after the Christmas celebrations, to undergo medical examinations and sign a contract valid for three years with Sao Paulo before being officially announced.

Until then, what stopped the negotiations was pushing the gauntlet to the athlete, but the hurdle is close to being resolved between the two parties.

detected by Del Valle Independentfrom Ecuador, was a midfielder 2019 In the United States, when he arrived City of Orlando🇧🇷 in 2022moved to Los Angeles and competed 11 Games for LAFC before serving with the Ecuadorian national team in the Qatar World Cup.

In the cup, he was in the starting line-up for Ecuador’s first two matches, playing the full 90 minutes against Qataron his debut, and later vs Holland🇧🇷 He was only left out of the group stage final commitment, vs Senegal🇧🇷

Mendes will be the fourth signing for Sao Paulo next season. After the confirmed arrival of striker Pedrino, attacking midfielder Wellington Rato and goalkeeper Rafael.🇧🇷

a TricolorHowever, it still didn’t stop there. This is because three names are still in the club’s sights for 2023: Marcos Paolo, David and Alan Franco.🇧🇷

São Paulo is seeing a reformation in its squad. They’ve already left the Miranda Club, Eder, Reinaldo, Luizão, Marcos Guilherme, Colorado, Bestos and Thiago Cotto were loaned out, as well as Nikao and Leo Pele.who went to Sea trip And the Basquerespectively.