February 5, 2023

São Paulo rejects the proposal and Atlético-MG’s interest in Patrick cools

a Sao Paulo The proposal was not accepted Atlético MG Midfielder Patrick. The value offered by Galo was considered low by Tricolor. The amount is about 10 million Brazilian reais. Between the Minas Gerais team and the player everything is settled.

Patrick wants to move to Atlético largely because of the good relationship he has with Argentine coach Eduardo Coudete, who was appointed to manage Atleticonos next season. They worked together in 2020 Internacional. The possibility of a repeat double with Edenilson, who was successful a few years ago, also at Inter, is another factor reviving “Black Panther”.

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The information about Sao Paulo’s refusal was initially published by “ge” and confirmed by it Throw!.

The dispute that took place between Patrick and coach Rogero Ceni at the end of last season does not affect the athlete’s desire to change the atmosphere. The situation has been circumvented and the relationship between the two is normal at this time. Ceni is even one of the most enduring defenders of the midfielder in the tricolor. The coach understands that the player plays a key role in the team.

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Sao Paulo owns 30% of Patrick’s rights, which were bought earlier this year for R$4 million. International 35%, and the athlete himself has another 35% of the rights. Although Tricolor has a smaller stake, it wants the largest stake from a potential sale, and only then will the club authorize the player’s release. The midfielder sees no problem with not receiving some amount in the deal, but wants to keep the percentage he has.

Even with São Paulo’s initial refusal, negotiations with Atlético MG for Patrick did not end. However, no news should appear until after the end of the year.