December 9, 2022
Sao Paulo vs Curitiba: See where to watch, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing |  Brazilian series

Sao Paulo vs Curitiba: See where to watch, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing | Brazilian series

Sao Paulo will touch the G8 if they win. Putting themselves in this group is the team’s main goal at the end of the season due to the possibility of winning a place in the Libertadores. Currently in 12th place, she could reach 44 points and be one of the América-MG in 8th place.

Curitiba treats the match as an opportunity to recover from the defeat in the Classic Atletiba and increase the distance to the relegation zone. Today, she is at three points. However, the negative away record is weight: in 15 matches, Alfeverdi lost 13 and drew in two.

flow: a the first show Broadcasting the match with Milton Light narration and commentary by Alexandre Luzetti and Richarlson.

At present: a General Electric Tracks every movement in the game – Click here to continue.

Sao Paulo – Coach: Rogerio Ceni

Ceni has problems forming a defense. He has four confirmed absences: Arboleda, Miranda, Ferrari and Peraldo. Diego Costa, who is recovering from tendinitis, has a chance to be close.

Possible escalation: Felipe Alves, Rafinha, Luisao (Diego Costa), Leo and Rinaldo; Pablo Maya, Rodrigo Nestor, Patrick and Igor Gomez; Luciano and Calleri.

Possible lineup for Sao Paulo vs Curitiba – Photo: ge

Who is out: Arboleda (left ankle surgery), Allison (thigh pain), Caillou (right knee surgery), Igor Vinicius (pubic pain), Gabriel (right collateral ligament injury), Miranda (left collateral ligament injury) and Nikao (knee dislocation) The left adductor muscle), in addition to Ferraresi and Beraldo, hangs.

spoon: Alisson, Andre Anderson, Calleri, Igor Vinicius, Gallobo, Luciano, Nicao, Pablo Maia and Rodrigo Nestor, in addition to coach Rogerio Ceni.

Curitiba – Coach: Goto Ferreira

Coach Gotto Ferreira will need to change attack. With Alf manga discontinued, Warley becomes available and enters the vacancy. Already defensive midfielder Bernardo, holder of the classics, has been highly praised by the coach and can be kept. However, the feud is running out of Adrien Martinez.

Possible escalation: Gabriel Vasconcelos Nathanael, Chancellor, Luciano Castan and Rafael Santos; Bruno Gomez, Jesus Trindade, Bernardo (Adrien Martinez) and Boshelia; Fabricio Daniel Warley.

Curitiba likely to face Sao Paulo – Photo: ge

Who is out: mango (suspended); Andre, Nathan Mendes, Willian Farias and Robinho (Medical Division).

spoon: Guillermo, Luciano Castan, Mateus Alexander, Natanel, Robinho, Bocellia, Fabricio Daniel.

  • Rule: Braulio da Silva Machado (SC)
  • Auxiliaries: Eder Alexander (SC) and Henrik New Ribeiro (SC)
  • Fourth ruling: Thiago Luis Scarascate (SP)
  • Video Assistant Referee: Wagner Rawi (PB)