January 29, 2023
Sao Paulo x Corinthians: See where to watch, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing |  Brazilian series

Sao Paulo x Corinthians: See where to watch, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing | Brazilian series

Sao Paulo is looking to maintain a positive record in the Classics this season. There are six wins, one draw and five defeats. On the other hand, Corinth is trying to change its history against competitors this year. There are seven defeats, two draws and one victory.

Sao Paulo arrives in the classics full of qualifying for the South American final, but on the eve of a tough match against Flamengo, in Rio, in Copa do Brasil, they are at a disadvantage after losing 3-1 in the first leg. The team is still close to the relegation zone with 30 points.

Like its rival, Corinthians are battling for a place in next week’s Copa Brasil final, on Thursday only. Timão arrives for this classic game after five days of preparation. Vítor Pereira wants to win again in Brasileirão to follow the leader’s tail and stay in the G-4 bun.

São Paulo x Corinthians record – Photo: ge

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Sao Paulo – Coach: Rogerio Ceni

Sao Paulo returned to the field for Brazil after just three days of playing in the Copa Sudamericana – a tense match, which was decided only by penalties. Three days later, he faces a flamingo away from home. It’s the scenario in which coach Rogerio Ceni climbs the mixed teams or all of the reserves.

If this is the option, you will not be able to avoid all players. Rinaldo, for example, should be on the field, as Wellington has been stopped. Igor Gomez, the target of fan criticism, could return after being suspended against Atletico-Go. Sene also lost Gabriel Neves midweek to a knee injury. Pablo Maya is my favorite of this place.

Who is out: Andre Anderson, Arboleda, Caio, Gabriel Neves, Moreira, Nicola (injured), Wellington (suspended), Peraldo, Rodrigoinho (U-20 team).

spoon: Andre Anderson, Eder, Igor Vinicius, Miranda, Nicao and Rafinha.

Possible escalation: Felipe Alves, Rafinha, Miranda, Ferrari and Rinaldo; Pablo Maya, Thales Costa, Igor Gomez and Gallobo; Luciano (Eder) and Gallery.

Possible lineup for Sao Paulo against Corinthians – Photo: ge

Corinthians – Coach: Vitor Pereira

With a week full of work, but also with a decision to be made for the future, Vitor Pereira lives with the dilemma of using maximum force against São Paulo or saving players to reach the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey.

Renato Augusto and Wagner, two important players who were in the medical department, have been training for the ball in recent days. Corinthians confirm absences an hour before the match, but Raul Gustavo, Rafael Ramos and Junior Moraes should be absent, as well as Maicon and Paulinho, both out for longer. Addson, Lucas Peyton and Robson Bambu should be included after the team missed the last game.

Who is out: Raul Gustavo (pain in the adductors of the right thigh), Rafael Ramos (transmission), Junior Moraes (physical transition), Maicon (recovering from a broken foot) and Paulinho (recovering from knee surgery).

spoon: Fausto Vera, Giovanni, Giuliano and Raul Gustavo.

Possible escalation: Cassius. Wagner, Balbuena, Gil and Fabio Santos; Fausto Vera, Duqueros and Giuliano (Renato Augusto); Gustavo Mosquito, Roger Guedes and Yuri Alberto.

Possible line-up for Corinthians against Sao Paulo – Photo: ge

  • Rule: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)
  • Auxiliaries: Rodrigo Figueiredo Enrique Correa (FIFA-RJ) and Nilton Junior de Souza Oliveira (CE)
  • Fourth ruling: Lucas Canito Pilot (SP)
  • Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (RJ)