August 9, 2022
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Sarah reveals that Gilles de Vigor earns more than Juliette after BBB21

Sarah Andrade, the previous-BBB 21 and friend Gilles de Vigor, revealed that Gilberto earns more than the champion of the reality season, Juliet Freire. According to the digital influencer, the economist has been taking advantage of the ads and leaving the lawyer in the dust, even though the singer also has several contracts with companies. In an interview with the Irmãos Dias podcast, Sarah stated that Juliette has invested in her long-term career.

“Joe invests in long-term things, like a singing career and the like. But Jill, after seeing the brands he’s associated with, the commercials he’s doing, I think he’s making more money than they are at the time.”

Sarah Andrade


Sarah ex BBB talks about politics

Sarah opened the game with her political thinkingHe explained that he does not support the government Jair Bolsonaro (No party). She also addressed other topics that sparked controversy during her participation in BBB21, such as vaccination.

“Look, it is very important to be able to talk about this, first I want to make it clear that I do not support the current president of Brazil, his positions are not in line with my values, he did not have my vote and he will not get my vote in the next election. I have been following that since the program. I was misunderstood in a position at the BBB and that has a lot of ramifications here. It’s hard to defend a position, when people make you one, it’s as if your ideas have lost their power,” he began in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.

In furtherance of the topic, she confirmed that she supports the defeat of the incumbent president, and that she does not support Lula either. “In a completely polarized country, any opinion becomes controversial and people want to decide their side. And I don’t really support any of the parties that are currently in this conflict, I hope we have really new leaders to confirm them. Brazil deserves a third option and I don’t think I’m any less worried or relieved. I am fully aware of the situation in our country, I want a change, I want Bolsonaro out urgently and I am not BT, “he is guaranteed.