September 26, 2023
Sasha Menegal exchanged warmth with her husband during a vacation in the United States

Sasha Menegal exchanged warmth with her husband during a vacation in the United States

In love, Sasha Menegal appeared in a romantic situation with her husband Joao Ficurido and clicked around Los Angeles to seduce fans; Check

To sample Sasha Menegal Some special clicks on her vacation with her husband in Los Angeles, USA were released this Thursday (13). Love Birds extended the holidays and appeared in the biggest warmth mood on social media.

In photos published by the heir of Xuxa Meneghel, She posed with all the smiles next to her husband Joao Ficurido A friend while enjoying the views of the city. “In the City of Angels”, Blonde commented on the title of the publication. In the comments, a large number of fans praised the reconciliation between him and his teammate. “Castlechao! Enjoy a lot”, They summarize.

Holidays Sasha Menekel and Jono Figueroa Launched in Orlando, Florida. In this event, the model went along for a few days Bruna Marquez e Together they became a monument on social media when faced with a very serious adventure.

It will be recalled that the couple celebrated their first holiday together as a wedding. On social media, the singer posted a video of himself dancing, playing and exchanging affections while matching pajamas with his wife. They all smiled and posed and instantly infected the fans.

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To the artist Xuxa Meneghel To go Eleana’s plan She told the details of the beginning of her relationship with her boyfriend in late December Junno Andrade. Since the singer first appeared on the show Xou da Xuxa, She was already interested in him. “I beat him up and even asked if he’s dating a fan because I’m a fan of his. He’s engaged, but he’s not talking.”, Xuxa agreed.