September 26, 2023
Scaloni sees Argentina's fair victory and reduces the controversy with Mbappe - 12/18/2022

Scaloni sees Argentina’s fair victory and reduces the controversy with Mbappe – 12/18/2022

said coach Lionel Scaloni Argentina was the champion Give World Cup 2022 justly. He also downplayed the controversy with Mbappe.

Fair win: “I would like to talk about the match and not just that I’m world champion. The match was crazy. As a coach, I can say I saw a great game. My plans are to be world champions, but we are. And I think the most important thing is the way we were, we were just winners. I think we had to win in the ’90s.”

Controversy with Mbappe: “I don’t want to argue with Europeans and South Americans. South Americans are first-class. When Mbappe said what he said, I misunderstood him, because he plays with friends from South America and he wouldn’t say anything like that. The South’s won for a while, but it wasn’t at the level. There are more European teams in the World Cup and you can get in the way. But you have to interpret the words and not get into an argument.”

Messi will you stop? “You save a place for the next World Cup. There are 26 [nomes] And you have to keep the number 10 if it is [Messi] He wants. He has the right to decide what he will do in his career and with the national team. There is nothing pending, if there is anything. It’s a pleasure to coach Messi and his team mates. Honestly, what he passes on to his teammates is something I’ve never seen before. I haven’t seen anyone as influential as he is.”

Maradona’s message: “Now that I see he’s not here. Luckily we won this much-deserved trophy, because we’re a ‘footballer’ country. I hope he’s enjoyed it from there. Now that you’ve asked me the question I realize he’s not here, and I hope he’s He would have enjoyed it a lot.”

Honoring Coach 86: “I hope that [Carlos] Billardo enjoyed it. I’m not at the same table, because they’ve had a career and marked an era. I, today, really care about happy people. It’s the World Cup and nothing more than football. But for Argentina, it’s more than just football, they enjoy it, they understand that things can go wrong. The message is that they have fun, that life will go on, and that they will be happier. The happiness they transmit to us is amazing.

Actors praise: “Like the whole tournament, you build things up and you see them and you realize you’re putting something together. The feeling was that we had a great group. And in the selection there are the best, and Argentina have great players. Everything was much easier. I had to pick some players and today I saw the athletes who didn’t They’re on the top 26 and they’ve been on the pitch. That’s because everyone wants to be involved. When you see that, you can’t go wrong. For some things today, they played a bit bad, they drew and they could win. But most of the time we felt like we were good in the process.” .

Thanks for the address: “It’s difficult for me to speak in the singular, I would like to thank the whole coaching staff, Ayala, Samuel, Aimar? They were a big part of it, but mostly players. The coach absorbs a few pieces, but he always has the best. You have to put him on.” Way for the team to walk alone. We put ourselves out there and they took it alone. Of course we have the advantage, but mostly it’s the players.”

The emotional moment: “I always wanted to dedicate it to my dad, I was really touched [começa a chorar]🇧🇷 I am who I am. They have had a hard time, and I hope they are proud of the son they have, and I am who I am thanks to them. To my wife, children, brothers, cousin and everyone who has suffered with the national team and to my people who can celebrate at this moment. I don’t have much to say.”