December 3, 2022
scarcity?  Find out the value of your 200 BRL bill today

scarcity? Find out the value of your 200 BRL bill today

Were you lucky enough to find a BRL 200 bill scattered around? Since the poll was Launched In September 2020, many Brazilians say they have not seen the color of money to this day. The banknote has the highest value of real currency and bears the wolf animal as its symbol. Currently, the purchasing power of the currency has decreased by 19.6% due to inflation.

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With no intention of the Central Bank (BC) to increase issuance, the currency should become scarcer over time and even gain more value.

At least in the eyes of collectors. It is estimated that only one in four banknotes spread in the country. Several factors led to this. Among them, we see the increased use of PIX as a means of payment and the practice of keeping money at home, using more R$200 bills than many smaller bills.

Note worth 200 Brazilian riyals

The biggest concern is that the practice of keeping money at home is seen as a sign of money laundering and tax evasion. For these reasons, the creation of the R$200 denomination did not have much practical impact. Therefore, most Brazilians have not even seen money Close up with your own eyes.

In September 2020, in the critical phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, central bank The 200 Brazilian real banknote was launched with the aim of avoiding the shortage of paper money. 420 million of them were produced. The problem is that 74% still hold them. It is no wonder that the quantity circulated seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

It is not an advantage of trading, for example, receiving an invoice for 200 RRL.In general, the greatest difficulty lies in the fact that you have to return the change to the customer. Most consumers continue to prefer the use of payment methods such as cards or PIX, that is, there is no need to withdraw.

Despite the little use of the banknotes involved, BC ensures that the circulation of CurrencyLike any other, it will be gradual and the use of polling follows expectations based on the needs of the community. Due to inflation, the R$200 banknote has lost purchasing power since its inception here. Today it is 161 Brazilian Real.