May 31, 2023

Scarpa sends a message after Forest avoided relegation in the Premier League

Gustavo Scarpa wasn’t on the field, but he did celebrate Nottingham Forest win Over the Arsenal Which included the team in the next season of Premier League.

On social media, the midfielder shared a video of himself eating cake Tricks With condensed milk, the scene made famous when he was in Palm trees.

“Next year it’ll be the Premier League again. It’s actually this year, right (laughs),” he said in a cute way in the video.

Scarpa even joked in his comment about his absence. “Individually, it wasn’t the best, but the collective goal is always more important. I didn’t take it from Google, my own phrases,” he wrote.

The 29-year-old Brazilian has not played since April 4 in a shirt Nottingham Forestwhen he played for 19 minutes against Leeds Unitedfrom the Premier League.

in an interview, Steve Cooper, Club ManagerIt was stated that Scarpa had a calf injury, and just as he was about to recover, he had a relapse—that is, a resurgence of symptoms.

The coach said, “Gustavo Scarpa wasn’t very lucky. He had a small calf recurrence (injury). So he hasn’t worked with us the last few days.” The midfielder is not back yet.