Scheer accuses the liberals of wanting to raise taxes

Scheer accuse les libéraux de vouloir hausser les taxes

OTTAWA — Canadians do not have the means to postpone the liberals of Justin Trudeau in power for another four-year term, has launched Andrew Scheer to his caucus.

The leader of the conservatives delivered on Sunday a speech to the deputies of his party and other candidates nominated in view of the upcoming federal elections that will take place on the 21 October.

The conservatives focus their attacks on what they regard as the failure tax of the liberals when the parliamentary proceedings will resume in the House of commons from Monday.

“If you can remember one thing from this weekend, it is this: if Justin Trudeau is re-elected, your taxes will go up”, has hammered Mr. Scheer.

To illustrate his point, he cited the tax on carbon equivalent to $ 20 per tonne of GHG emission in 2019, which will reach $ 50 in 2022.

“If it gives him four more years, everything from gasoline to food in through taxes, it will cost you more,” he predicted.

“Justin Trudeau and his government have spent the past three years to find new things to tax, to find new ways to take more in your pockets”, he added in French.

And another liberal government will continue in the same vein, ” said Mr. Scheer.

According to him, the liberals will have no choice but to increase taxes because of the deficits without end posted by the government. He accused them of having no plan to return the budget to balance.

“If there is one thing that is certain in life, it is this: with the liberals come the deficits, followed by taxes.”

Mr. Scheer argues that only the conservative Party is able to prevent the liberals to remain in power.

“For the liberals, the debt and deficits are imaginary problems invented by the conservatives. The reality is that we are the only party for which the security of workers and families is the absolute priority”, he stressed.

The liberals were not slow to replicate.

The minister of economic Development, Navdeep Bains, has predicted his side that a government of Andrew Scheer “significantly reduce services to Canadians, so that the rich can enjoy a tax reduction”.

“The only ones for whom life will be more affordable will be the super-rich,” he said before accusing the leader of the conservatives, like the premier, Doug Ford, a populist right-wing.

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