March 30, 2023

Scientists discover galaxies that existed billions of years ago

In about 13.8 billion years, the universe is teeming with systems of celestial bodies. Through astronomy we have information about it, which makes us understand a little more about the origin of the universe. Being ancient galaxies One of the main objects of study for astronomers, NASA has seen samples that have been around for billions of years. So check out Discover now.

The records are new, but the galaxies are not

to me The Big Bang Theory, the universe was just space devoid of light, with an ocean of only quarks and gluons, a phenomenon known as the primordial soup. Soon after, after about 300 to 400 million years, the first galaxies began to form.

Although he served in astronomy for a short time, it was thanks to James Webb that the possibility of capturing light waves emitted by ancient galaxies could be realized.

observed galaxies

The latest discovery captures many ancient galaxies. They even appear as the most distant objects ever seen in space, thus becoming a historical landmark. It has strange properties, such as its reddish color, which indicates the presence of space dust.

In order to more accurately determine the age of the galaxies, scientists studied the spectral lines of each of them. It was soon determined that the oldest galaxy among those observed was GHZ2/GLASS-z12, whose formation occurred about 367 million years after the Big Bang.

Galaxies observed by James Webb. Source: NASA/CEERS/The University of Texas at Austin.

With these data, studies on the origin of the universe can be supplemented with the new information obtained. By the way, the researchers are still not satisfied with what they found. Their goal is to test and increase the telescope’s ability to pursue more records like this.

How does James Webb find very distant galaxies?

While there are no time machines, James Webb works like one. When he points long distances, it means that he is looking into the past. This is because the observed light waves are not current, but millions, even billions of years ago. In other words, the telescope spots objects that are mostly no longer there.