Scientists found in green tea a powerful cure for cancer

With green tea the experts were able to create nanoparticles that kill all the cancer tumors in the lungs of people in case of their illumination by the laser. Scientists believe that this method will help in the future to create effective tools to fight the dangerous disease.

Ученые обнаружили в зеленом чае мощнейшее лекарство от рака


British scientists have learned to grow a powerful cure for cancer, in particular nanoparticles, with the help of green tea. Chemists were able to develop a method of obtaining particles of cadmium and sulfur. The desired reaction occurs when mixing the sulphate of cadmium, sulphide of sodium and green tea extract. Inside the obtained substance appear small nanoparticles that can kill cancer cells in the human lung.

Experiment with nanoparticles was surprised by the results – about 80% of cancer cells were destroyed. Scientists claim that their technique will help to open new ways of developing drugs from the deadly disease.


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