Scientists fully grown frogs new limbs

Scientists from tufts University in the US, grew frogs amputated legs with the help of hormones.

Науковці повністю відростили жабам нові кінцівки

About it reports UNN, with reference to the experiment, published in the journal Cell Reports.

Many amphibians, unlike mammals, have the ability to restore lost limbs. Certain African frogs have a weak ability to regenerate — if they lose a leg, in its place a thin cartilaginous appendage. However, the researchers were able to achieve full regeneration.

“In normal adult frogs, at best, recovering fine and is devoid of characteristic features of cartilage growth. Our procedure was absent in the normal regenerative response that resulted in larger, better structured limbs. The bioreactor caused a very complex reaction, which bioengineers can’t create direct manipulation”, — said the head of the team of authors Michael Levin.

Amputirovali limbs the group of nine smooth sporkova frogs, scientists have recorded the animals by placing them in a bioreactor with a special gel with the content of progesterone. A day later, they disconnected the animals from the device. Tissue growth lasted nine months, during which time recovered bone, nerves, vessels — is not formed only stop.

The curator of the experiment, Michael Levin, believes that the technology is suitable for mammals of all sizes, including those for people.

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