Scientists have created a stretchy conductive fibers for wearable electronics

New material capable of conducting electricity, and also to stretch almost six times compared to its original size.

Учёные создали проводящее эластичное волокно для носимой электроники

In the publication Advanced Materials group of Swiss scientists published an article about the invented conductive elastic fiber that is created for wearable electronics. The assurance of experts from Switzerland, when stretching of the material, its fibers can be reversible to shrink virtually without loss of elasticity. In the basis of innovative material was taken as an alloy with carbon and the electrodes. New material is obtained by stretching the elastic fibers of the preform.

When creating material creates a base layer in which each of the types used therein is in the order in which they will be in the finished fiber. After this procedure, the workpiece is heated to the desired temperature, subsequently pulling more delicate fibers. A feature of the development is a manual adjustment of the properties of the created material, including hard and soft phase material.


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